Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Its another beautiful day here in East Tenn and I am loving it! These days are just breathtakingly beautiful and its almost a shame to come Through My Back Door instead of sitting outside, but come on in and we will enjoy it from in here. I know you came to talk about baskets, so thats what we will do.
I did not set out to collect baskets, but some of our favorite collections just happen, don't they? In the 90's I along with everyone else bought Longaberger baskets. I still use a lot of mine to carry food places, but for the most part they are packed away.  My first old basket was a red buttocks or gizzard basket my Mother gave me. It is the one on the right. It is a split oak basket and is old. The one on the right is probably twenty years old and was made by a woman in West Tn.
tThe basket on the right is another old egg basket my Mother gave me. The one on the left was given to me by a dear friend, now deceased. She brought it to me one time with fresh bread in it. This little basket below was a gift from my husband. It is so sweet and is quite old. These baskets on the wall shelf are Longaberger baskets of Hope. I have others but these were my favorites

These are a few of my favorite mineratures. The one on the left on the second shelf was made by a  dear friend, who also happened to be my history teacher in high school The one on the right was made by a little Cherokee woman called Miss Maudie. It was a gift from a friend. The one on the bottom was made by  a family member. The big one on the left I bought on the longest yard sale this summer. I thought there was something about it that called my name. I hope I haven't bored you to tears talking about baskets. I could go on and on but will show you another , if that is okay.This one was my husbands great grandmothers egg basket. She made it her self from willow reeds. It was given to me by his great aunt. Don't you love it?  Thanks for coming Through My Back Door and Talking Baskets.  I have more but these are my favorites and I love sharing them with you. Don't know what we'll talk about next time, but come on in and we'll find some thing to share, because life is good Through My Back Door.
I do want to thank those who have become a follower.  I never expected to have so many so fast. Some of you are so busy and to take time to come read my blog humbles me.


  1. Betty,
    All of your baskets have such wonderful stories behind them. They are beautiful and special. Thank you for sharing! If I had to pick a favorite, I just couldn't do it, they are all lovely! Take care, can't wait until next time! ~Sarah~

  2. Wow, you sure have a lot of great baskets! I think I like the egg basket best, so meaningful too. Enjoy your day!

  3. How wonderful each basket holds a fond memory. They are beautiful. I love your sheep displayed with the hope baskets, perfect!!

  4. Betty, I love all of your baskets. I sold LB baskets for 10 years and most of mine are packed away. I still find myself buying baskets - but I am drawn to the older ones. You have a great collection. TFS.

  5. Mom!! i will be glad to pick out and" pick up" a
    favorite basket anytime!!!

  6. Love your baskets Betty! I'm with Jen the one on the table with the it!
    Can't wait to see what you talk about next!


  7. Betty~
    Love the post and OLD baskets too. Wonderful baskets you have. My favs are the red buttocks / egg basket to the right of the horse / and the basket on the table holding the eggs. They all are very nice...but, just love these 3. Amazing you can remember where they all came from. May you continue to enjoy them all....:\ well, at least 'til DEB getta picking. ;))) TFS

  8. You have some wonderful memories associated with your baskets and that makes them even more special!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Betty ,I love your collection of baskets and the stories behind them ! Thanks for sharing their history and beauty with us. Jen

  10. Hi Betty, thanks for stopping by my blog. See my post for October 23 -we went antiquing in Arcadia, FL. Email me when you are coming to Florida and I will share my favorite places with you.


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