Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What's Your Music, Fall, and Other Stuff

Hello and welcome Through My Back Door. Oh yes the Pumpkin Spice coffee is on and there is another treat too. Pumpkin Squares and orange slice cookies! Yum. It doesn't get any better than this. You being here is just the icing on the cake. It seems forever since we had time to just chat, so it is a rainy day, we can't sit on the deck, but lets snuggle in here and just enjoy our time together.
This is why we can't sit outside. Rain. I loved this picture though and thought you might too.
I have my fall up for  the most part. I just can't find any bittersweet this year. May be too early. I bought some from New York one year and a friend sent me a little bit last year, but this year none.
I love this little wool pumpkin Audrey made and sent me.She shears her own sheep and does her own wool. I do treasure this. She is also the one who sent me the wool, 4 different colors, that Mollie loves so much. I just am not one bit talented.
I'll share more fall as fall goes on.lol
Now for another part of my title, What's your Music? I love music and if you have been following me long you know I am country to the core!lol I was raised on country music and still love it. However, I was and still am a HUGE Platters fan! Love their sound. Also I love Patti Page and my all time favorite song of course is the Tennessee Waltz. I love Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis. Gene Watson is a favorite too. Then there is Ray Price whose music I have loved for ever. And of course George Jones, Carl Smith, the Statlers,and you cannot leave out Hank Williams.lol So, what's your music? Most or a lot of people have Sirrus radio and don't listen to CD's. I can have it in my car, but have never gotten it as I like to listen to cd's as I drive. In nice weather, I am the old woman next to you at the red light with the moon roof open and Hank Williams wailing on the sound system.lol Friday morning I met a blog reader and her husband for coffee in Clinton and I enjoyed meeting them so much, but as I was coming home I started laughing at the variety of CD's in my disk player. I had never thought of it before. Today I have Patti Page belting out the Tennessee Waltz. The Platters cd which is a favorite with the Great Pretender and Harbor Lights. I absolutely love both those songs. Another CD is Ray Price's farewell CD, and "I wish I was 18 Again". The Statlers and the Class of 57. Also Sam Cooke and "You send me". See what I mean? So what is your music, or you like me? A huge variety. At home I listen to the Country classics and 50's on the cable channel. I love Pam and Lorrie's Dos Diva's CD. So quite a variety.
I met Kathy Webb and her husband Jackie for breakfast Friday morning. Jackie has followed my blog for a long time and has a gorgeous home herself. I have posted pictures on my blog before of some of her beautiful pieces. It is so nice to meet face to face someone you have interacted with for a long time and like them immediately. I have noticed people who like the decor we all do are truly kindred spirits  Thank you Kathy and Jackie for the coffee. Hopefully you will be back this way again.
This is Kathy and I. Yes I have coffee in my hand!lol
Saturday I had some prim friends for lunch. Lisa Morris, Melissa Lawson, Kristy Pettiford, and Deb came for lunch and fun. Deb had never met Melissa or Kristy. Kristy had never met the others, Lisa had not met Kristy, and I had not met Melissa.lol Do you get it? Well we settle in, couldn't eat outside as it was wet,  not raining and cool. We had vegetable beef soup and corn muffins. Tea and coffee. Pumpkin squares were our dessert.We talked and laughed and decorated and laughed some more. We will do it again soon.

Last week  on Tuesday, Deb decided she wanted a make up, especially a lipstick make over. So here we go to Sephora. Debbie, Amanda and me.What fun. We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Then on Friday she called and wanted to go to Ulta and see what they thought. So here we go again and I declared I was buying nothing. Well I loved the makeup and so  the rest of the story you can imagine.lol That day we met Beth and had lunch at a neat little place called Seasons. It was fantastic.So if you all should see new pictures of me you might not recognize me made over.lol Just kidding. Can't do much with this old lady
Sunday I had the joy of picking this girl up from the airport. she had been to Denver to a pre wedding get together.
Then I went down to Dodds and Renda's to spend the night. When there I sleep in a 1700's rope bed. I forgot my camera Sunday but l will get some good pictures soon. We had a wonderful visit and  I enjoyed every minute of it. They had to go to work so I got up and had coffee with them and came home. It is just so neat to spend time with your family. I am blessed to get a lot of family time.
Yesterday I went to lunch with the high school girls. We laugh at the fact we are so old now and none of us feel it.lol We just refuse to admit it.lo I will say, the are such a blessing to me and we are all so happy to have one another in our lives again. I hope each of you are enjoying this wonderful time of the year.
I am not a sign person, but Amanda gave me the wonderful sign "The South"
Frank and Pam Hendrix made me this one that has been my mantra.(That is why they made it)

When the grandchildren or greats tell me they love me I always say, "I love you more" So Beth got me this last week and everytime I look at it I smile.
The TGIF is another gift from Amanda. No it doesn't say Thank God it is Friday, I says This Grandma
is Terrific! I love it
Well that is the other stuff. I am going on a couple of weekend trips and can't wait to share them with you. I can't wait for you to come Through My Back door where life is good.
PS: Please remember to pray for those wearing uniforms. Be they police, service, or EMT's
PSS: Take time to reach out to someone who you have been thinking about. You won't be sorry
PSSS:  I hope you all have a wonderful week


  1. A beautiful post as always! I love your fall decor, I like your music choices also! You do have a lot of good family time! It is wonderful to have family close by. We had a nice boating weekend, you can read about it on my blog! Hope to make it up your way next month!

  2. We had a such a great time coming through your back door! Thanks for the yummy lunch and many laughs! :)

  3. Such fun to read all your goings on Ms Betty. We have had an absolutely gorgeous day here in ky. I can just imagine you driving along with music booming... Lol. You have such a sweet happy presence. Sounds as if you have been busy going and coming. As always lots of company in your home. Happy almost Fall! I can feel it in the air 🎃 Blessings!!!

  4. oh my Ms. Betty! I have missed coming through your back door! after this weekend, I promise to come back and catch up!!! hugs!!! OLM


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