Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Always Comes

Good morning, come on in and have a cup of coffee. It is Kona this morning and I am sorry there is nothing sweet, but I didn't get home from my trip until yesterday. I have to go to the store today, so if you want to come back tomorrow there will be something sweet. Renda and Dodd invited Deb and I to go to Pa with them on their Spring Break. Our destination was Hershey. We left Saturday and what a wonderful time we had. You all know we stop at any and all antique shops along our travels. What fun we have and often times find some wonderful treasures. Our first stop  was a huge success for Dodd and Renda. They bought a beautiful bonnet topped tiger maple high boy. Just spectacular and I will show pictures later. They got it at one of our favorite shops off the interstate in Wytheville, Va, called The Station. We love this shop as they have some wonderful antiques. It is a must when we go that way. A little farther up the road we found a nice little shop in Salem, we had never visited before. Well there, they found a Walnut corner cupboard and a wonderful old blanket box. So there is another road trip in their future to pick these items up. Deb got a gorgeous chippendale mirror at The Station too, that they will bring home to her. We had so much stuff coming home there was hardly room for us.
There was a box of china under the snacks between Deb and I. We were so happy Olivia got to come over and spend 3 days with us. If you remember she is doing an internship in Sen Corkers office at the Capitol. I bought a lot of pewter, some redware, and a farriers box. Deb and I also squeezed in a trip to our favorite clothing store Chico's. We went to lunch at the Hershey Hotel and that was a high light. Their food is not only presented beautifully but it is delicious. I think we tried everything, I just didn't try the duck, as I have had it and don't care for it.

The lobby of the Hotel. They have shops, although we didn't buy anything, but the lobby is left just as Milton Hesrsheys wife designed it. It is a beautiful hotel and the food was wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone going to Hershey.
We found a great little town and it was full of antique shops. We spent a full day there and that is where I found a lot of my goodies. We ate lunch in a drugstore/lunch counter. I had Ham loaf which was very good.
Olivia is not an antiquer, so she spent a lot of time sitting in the car playing her  She didn't mind at all. She had definitely gotten better when she flew back to DC.
I will show you some of my goodies.
Not that I didn't have enough pewter candle sticks but these were priced just right.
My first full set of pewter measures.
Pewter sconce. Not sure they will stay there as I think they may be too small with the chargers. Time will tell, but I have other places to put them.
Another pierced light. I love these things.
My wonderful old farriers box. I love this and it is so worn. Have no idea where I will use it.
See how worn the handle is. The man who sold it to me was so nice. His wife had survived a stroke and anyuerism and he was so grateful to God.
Found some redware made under this name. Renda researched and found it was a husband and wife and it had shut down in 2002, I think. Anyone know anything about this? It is beautiful redware.
Well I am so glad you came along with me today on our trip. We antiqued everyday and all the way home. One of my favorite shops along the way was the huge shop in Bunker Hill, W. Va. They had some wonderful things and we all left there with goodies. Deb found a set of brown and white Clarice Clift, china, by Tonquin there. lol I loved Cross Roads shop in Hershey, and the BootLeg Mall in Columbia. The lady who ran it was so nice. Burning Bridge in Columbia was fantastic too. All in all it was just refreshing seeing so many wonderful things. I found a heart mat in  Columbia, that I loved but it was way above my pocket book. The shop had some wonderful antiques but some exorbitant  prices. Especially on things I
I will leave you with my favorite picture and am so happy you came Through My Back door where life is good, and spring always comes.
We were clowning and I think this sums up our trip.
PS: Nothing has been done to the house as the weather was so bad when the work was to begin. It will be a while now, as the kids have plans for a few weeks.
PSS: I am so thankful for warm weather. I know you all are too.
PSSS: I am thankful for each of you who come Through My Back Door whether you leave a comment or not. As long as you visit I will continue to blog.


  1. Well Betty you were in Hershey you should have like a wonderful trip.Warm Blessings! ~♥Amy

  2. aww sound like a lovely trip..
    Smiles and hugs xx

  3. Sounds like a perfect trip to me!!! My husband isn't one to 'stop along the way' so I think I miss out on some great antique places. Bah, Humbug!!! But glad you got so many wonderful items.... love all your pewter and the farrier's box is wonderful! Hershey Hotel looks great... haven't been to Hershey in 30 years!

  4. What fun friend.
    Nothing better than family time.
    I love your treasures but most of all your beautiful smile.
    Woolie Hugs

  5. What a fun trip and making lots of memories! Happy first day of spring! hugs, Jen

  6. Hi Betty, what a wonderful fun filled trip. Great pictures, you have such a great family. Fantastic treasures you found, love them all.Spring Blessings Francine.

  7. Hello my friend...again a nice post that made me smile! I loved all the pictures, you all look so good. I love your pewter and the things Deb got sound great, can't wait to see them. The Farriers box is so neat and neat to have a story to go with it. All in all more great memories that I thank you for sharing!
    Be blessed,

  8. Love the last picture pose!!!!! LOL
    That ferrier is awsome Betty.
    I would be sad if you stopped blogging. But I know what you mean.
    The up at the show yesterday was a blast and today it starts at 10.

  9. Betty,,,,Im so glad you got away. Sounds like you has a fabulous time!.

  10. What a wonderful trip. Hershey is a lovely area. I love all your great stuff! Maggie

  11. Hi Betty. Thank you so much for your kind words. I know that you know how it feels to lose a beautiful, strong friend. Otto and Ruby send you their love. And again, thank you for your kindness.



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