Thursday, September 4, 2014

Home the Rest of The Story

Good morning and come on in Through My Back Door, where the DD is on and oh yes some cookies too. Later today there will be pumpkin squares. Lots has been going on here and it is all good. In my last post we talked about what our homes say about us. I was thrilled with all the comments and emails. We all love our homes. AND it is time for the nesting to begin. Fall, then winter, says NEST, doesn't it? For us women anyway. I have not begun to decorate, but will soon inside. I am in no hurry as it is in the 90's here right now. Everything I read predicts a cold winter for us and I am not liking that one bit. Anyway I am glad you dropped in today and I hope you will like the story my home tells.
If, just if, you came in the front door this is what you would see when you walked around the corner.
I love this that Dodd built for me. It sets on top of an old well.

The dinner bell my Daddy got me. See, you aren't even inside and I hope my story says, "she loves old things and preserves them."
Well, you are coming in the front door. This may never happen On this door is my door box Sharon's husband Johnny made for me. I treasure it. The porch furniture I bought in Ohio Amish country.
Of course it changes with the seasons and soon fall will pop in there. Now come on in and lets sit and visit. When we open the door this is what you see.
Just a different view than the back. Of course we will end up in  the living room where we have our visit and drink our coffee. I hope that just seeing a bit of my home, that you will have enjoyed my story I am a lover of all things old. That the things I own are things that have meaning to me. The dresser you see in the back ground was another piece Curtis brought back to life. It was painted a bright green enamel! The one in the bedroom was too. He stripped the paint off and restored it to it's original beauty. The table is an East Tn table made in Gatlinburg. It is late 1800's and is pegged together. I love walnut and both pieces are. The fact I love southern furniture is well known. The dresser however was made in Ohio. It is signed and dated under the deck.  You know the story of the candlestick table.  I hope when you leave today my house story leaves you in a wonderful mood, just like you leave me when you come Through My Back door where life is good.
PS: There is a new great grandbaby in my life. Caroline Elizabeth
It is hard to imagine Amelia as a big sister. Beth and Ryan are the proud parents
PSS:Hopefully next week I will decorate for fall. My bronchitis returned for a visit. I was not happy to see
PSSS: Most of you saw this on FB, but for those who aren't, (I know my friend Kathy in NC isn't) here is Mollie and I at her Mother's Day Grandparents come and Read day. Such fun for me


  1. Oh I love your front porch, the red is so pretty! I am like you I love old things with meaning! Congratulation on the new Great Grand baby.

  2. Awww congrats for the sweet great grand baby..
    Your front porch is so beautiful..
    Sweet hugs xx

  3. What a beautiful new GrandGirl !!
    Love that photo of you and Mollie.
    A wonderful visit with you friend.
    Praying for you..
    Woolie Blessings

  4. Your home is always so welcoming whether in pic on your posts or in person. Love the pics of your darling great-granddaughters too!

  5. I have thought much about the story my home tells ever since reading your blog posts. Thank you for this insight. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures!

  6. Also when you see your front porch you can tell you are a lover of the color red! Love all of your shares. I am getting my fall things out soon is going to be a chilly week here so sounds good to me!
    Be blessed,

  7. You are so dear and your home is just like you! I wish I could come in through your back door.... or front door.... for a visit in person. I know we would be dear friends.... but since I can't do that I want you to know that I enjoy visiting you in blog land and I love it when you come to visit me too.
    I hope that darn bronchitis leaves you alone soon. Get well fast. Hugs, Lura

  8. A house becomes a home when you make such beautiful memories, and you sure have great ones. Your home is soooo welcoming. I LoVe to come Through Your Back Door each morning.
    LoVe the red too. Welcome to your gorgeous new grand baby. Grands are the best :). Have a great week. Thanks for the tour.
    Hugs Marg.

  9. I love your home and treasures! What beautiful great grandbabes you have congratulations!! Enjoy your evening!

  10. Love hearing the story of ur home. I love old things too. Each piece has a story. The history of each makes them more of a treasure. Congrats! Beautiful little blessing.

  11. Oh My! A Most adorable new Grandbaby!!!!
    Love your stories and history! That is what I think I like best about my primitives.. the history the stories. Have a yummy pumpkin bar for me! OLM

  12. Hi Betty - looking at your front porch reminded me so much of our friends home/porch in Ashville - they have the same colors and furniture. So wonderfully inviting.
    No one uses our front door either - it's the back of the house kitchen door for some reason. I'd be weary of anyone knocking on my front door because that means I don't know 'you' ! lol
    Congratulations to your new great-grand baby...she's adorable.
    And congratulations Amelia on being a big sister.


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