Friday, June 20, 2014

Can You Take One More Birthday Celebration?

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door.Of course there is coffee and yellow cake with the world's best caramel icing! My mother's reicpe and it can't be beat and is soooo easy. Anyway I want to share my  birthday celebration with you, that Deb and the girls planned. AS you know Beth, Ryan, and Amelia moved back while I was at the beach. You know also that Curt and Linz did too. With me gone, them moving, then when I got home, helping Beth get settled, we have all been extremely busy. Curt and Linz have bought a house too, but won't get to move in for a while, so they are staying with Beth. They were at the beach the week I got back, soooo, to make a long story short we had to wait until yesterday to celebrate. There had been several celebrations and I knew this was the last one.
The day started at 10 am with all of us getting pedicures.
Deb took this picture, so she is missing. We had so much fun and laughed ourselves silly. The technicians were delighted to have all 5 of us and bantered back and forth with us,
After that we headed for our favorite store Marshalls. Beth did some house shopping, Amanda did some kid shopping and Deb, Linz, and I just shopped.
The next stop on our agenda, was Lulu's for lunch.
We love Dena and her tea room. The food is so good. I invite you to eat there if you are in the area. You won't be disappointed.
All of us. Why do the people who are closest to the camera, look the biggest? lol
Well we ate our lunch, laughed and talked, and talked and laughed. We had such a good time and I knew it was the last birthday celebration of this year for me, so this happened. I just can't give it up!
I am NOT faking! I stood up to go, my knee popped and I got so sick I thought I was going to die! Beth and the girls were fanning me, and Deb is taking pictures! Hello, what was wrong with that picture? The servers were quite upset, but Deb explained we had a doctor and a nurse(Linz) with us. It was so darned funny, we all had to laugh.Beth asked if I was having any chest, arm pain, etc, and I said no. In between the feeling I was going to pass out I was laughing too. Oh goodness and we had just commented on how healthy I am!!!!!   I know most people wouldn't share this, but what the heck! I thought you might enjoy
After about 15 minutes, I was fine and could walk down the stairs. We went back to Debs and I put ice on it for about an hour and now it is fine. This has happened a time or two (not the nausea from the pain) so I foresee a visit with an orthopod when he gets home! Where is the Mr. Dr. Dabbs when I need
After we rested a bit, Deb and I went down to Beths and with help from Curt and Linz got Caroline's room set up. BTW guess who kept Amelia for Beth to get to go yesterday? Her uncle Curt. Is he not a jewel?
It was a wonderful day, even with the knee episode, and it is always a wonderful day when YOU come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:FYI We were in a private room and no one saw the shennanigans I put on!lol
PSS: I redid my front porch and have to say I am happy with it.
PSSS: I want to share one gift. A few months ago Amanda called me one day and said she had an idea she wanted to share with me. She was giving me a journal and we would both write in it and pass it back and forth. I was so touched by this. So she gave me a beautiful leather journal for my birthday with an inscription and the first post, which I will reply too and give it back. Some of you may want to do this with family members. I will keep you posted on how it is going.


  1. Oh Betty sorry to hear about the knee trouble but your day still sounds delightful. Had to chuckle about Deb making sure she got the pictures and everyone else rushing to help you.
    I love Amanda's idea and what a treasure it will become for other generations. My niece, Josi gave me a journal when she was very young and I started a memory/family cookbook with it so I can give it to her when she gets married. I hope it's something that will give future generations a glimpse into our lives.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Aww your day sound so much fun...
    I hope your knee get well soon..
    Lovely photos..
    Sending you hugs..xx

  3. Your so busy lady!!!!! It scared me when I saw the picture of you when you had your head down.
    When I take my daughters for pedis it is always fun and the owner likes to see us come in.
    Your porch is adorable.

  4. Oh Betty you and your family are so special! I love reading about all of the special times you have! I am glad your knee feels better now, I had surgery on both mine and the difference is day and night.
    Have a great weekend.
    Be blessed,

  5. I am so glad you survived your Birthday episode...I can just imagine the laughing between trying to pass out..the waiters thinking what is wrong..Your family fanning and trying to diagnose you...I swear Ms Betty, you and your family are a hoot.. It sounds llike the perfect end to your birthday celebration..minus the "passing out". I love the journal idea..that is definitely something that will be cherished for many many years..Have a great weekend and try to take it I love your porch too. Blessings!

  6. Betty, I sincerely hope you are feeling okay with your knee now!!!! The idea of a journal to be used between two special people is a fantastic idea. You will love it especially since you are such a good writer. May you have a wonderful weekend. I love all of your posts!


  7. Laughter through tears, the sign of a true southern lady! I'm glad you are OK!

  8. Looks like such a fun time other than your knee episode. You poor thing! So glad it is better. I LOVE the journal idea. I had actually pinned that idea on Pinterest just the other day for Darbee and I to do. I think it would be so fun now that she is writing and reading and something we could look back on and enjoy.

  9. It looks like your last birthday celebration day was a great one except for the knee episode. I hope that your knee will not act up again. that must have been scary. I have to say that I am glad you got a picture of the moment....Deb is a girl after my own heart.

    Happy belated birthday sweet friend. May this be a wonderful year for you. Hugs, Lura

  10. Now I think that has to be the very best Birthday ever.
    New wonderful treasured memories.
    And what a wonderful gift from your Amanda.
    I may need to try that with my Granny Girl.
    Woolie Blessings

  11. Hi Betty,
    You're always having so much fun, I'm jealous. ;)
    Thanks so much for stopping by my post. I have missed you all so much.
    Oh being a grandma, I think that just may be the greatest gift God has ever given! That little boy holds my entire heart in his tiny hands.
    Your porch looks great. Glad to hear you're staying in your beloved home for now. You know, Brett retires in about 5 years maybe you will be ready to sell again and we will buy it.
    It is still our plan to retire down in TN around your area. Of course, Isaac and parents will have to come too. But I don't see that being a problem. My lil Kelsey loves adventure and TN.
    So good to hear from you.
    Big hug


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