Friday, May 24, 2013

Mrs Shoemaker, Thank You

Good morning and come on in. The coffee is on, there is plenty of sweets, so help yourself, and lets visit. I am so glad you stopped in. My Ohio company left yesterday and it is very quiet here this morning. They were just what I needed and I enjoyed having them.
All of you know how much I love my grands. You know Andrew has just finished his first year of school. Kindergarten was a big step for not only him, but his great grandma as well. You see, he is a special little boy. He was born in September before Curtis went into the nursing home in June. I like to say, Andrew saved my sanity.(There may be those who would disagree)lol Anyway, after Amanda's experience with breast cancer, I was concerned about him starting school. I told the girls,(Amanda and Deb) we have got to pray hard he gets the "right" teacher. I wanted someone who would appreciate his uniqueness. He is absolutely one of the sweetest little boys ever. (Everyone who knows him agrees) You have seen children that their sweetness shows in all they do and he is one. Always kind, thinks deeply, and wise beyond his years.Ex: I am always telling him, he is my favorite boy in the whole world. I will add, but don't tell Uncle Curt, because he thinks he is. The other day Andrew said to me.(I am quoting)"Mamaw I can just hear it now. When I have a son, you will say, you are my favorite boy in the whole world, but don't tell Andrew. He thinks he is!!!!" Can you believe this? I was stunned. As time for school to start approached I grew anxious. What if he got a teacher who wouldn't like his sense of humor? If she/he squelched this unique little boys wonder and total absorption with life. Oh the what ifs just went on and on. He on the other hand was so ready for this part of his life to begin.

Here he is, smiling from ear to ear. Ready to start his school journey.
Well, God is good and He answered this grandma's prayers once again. He was blessed to get a teacher who not only  nurtured, encouraged, and appreciated his uniqueness, but genuinely liked him. You could just see and feel it when you were around the two of them. (I had the opportunity to go to a Read In at school one day and this is a teacher who loves her job. Having spent so many years in the system, I know to some it is just a job, but to many more, it is a calling.) So I have to not only thank God for putting Andrew in the perfect place for his first year, but also thank Mrs Shoemaker for making this family have a wonderful year too.

This morning at awards day.

The Math Award and Fantastic Friend !
He makes us so proud!
So, as his kindergarten journey has ended, now I have to think about first grade!!! Oh no Lord, here I am again, asking You for another good teacher. BTW, Mrs Shoemaker, do you loop?
 I just have to share this with you. We did a celebration of life when Curtis died. The children and grandchildren who wanted to speak did. Andrew asked if he could speak and I said yes. (Amanda, on the other hand had eyes as big as saucers, when I said yes)lol  He got up in front of all those  people and told the things he remembered about going to the nursing home to visit.He remembered Curtis giving him Match Box cars and candy. He ended with I never saw him do anything bad, so I agree with what they said,(Referring to his Mama and Aunt Beth, who had spoken before him)
Do you see why he is so special to me?

Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:  Please keep the prayers coming  in for Tamra.
PSS: Again, Moore, OK is so on our minds. We cannot even begin to imagine the pain they are experiencing. I KNOW we are all praying for them
PSSS: I am so blessed with blogging friends. Thank you all for the cards, letters, messages. We are a wonderful community of caring folks. I am proud to be one of you.


  1. Good morning Betty...oh you have one special little boy there - and family for that matter.
    So happy you shared his first year of school with us - congratulations on his awards.
    I find his mind to be deep to be able to make his future life work like it does now....I don't think I said that right but hope you understand. Sometimes I think too
    Blessings on this Memorial weekend.

  2. I'm so glad Andrew had a great Kindergarten teacher and a great year!
    Sending prayers and positive thoughts that the rest of his school years will be as wonderful!

  3. Hi Betty...yes, we all know how sweet Andrew is so obvious just from the glow that is always on his face. Some children are like that...innocent,mini adults with their deep thoughts. Craig was like that..I think it comes from being the firstborn and around adults more. Andrew has a deep understanding of the importance of family. I bet he's in love with his teacher too...Craig was! :) Amanda, Tamra, and Brian are in my prayers every night!...blessings, Jan

  4. God bless you Betty. You have a special grandson and he has a special teacher. God is always good.


  5. Hi Betty, How are you doing? I have been thinking about you.

    Your grandson is so cute. He looks just like a boy that wants to be loved by you. I am glad he was able to get a great teacher. I start about now...praying for good teachers for my two 13 year old grandkids for next year. It is so important to get a good one.

    Hope your weekend is enjoyable. Keep busy.


  6. First of all congrats. go out to Andrew. You are a very special young boy. And good job on your school work to get awards!! Oh I remember the day Holly graduated from college. I was so relieved that all the stress and worrying as a Mom for her to excel and make good grades had finally come to a close. A chapter of my life that I could forget and move on. Who knew, but God, I am back on that same journey with Darbee Rae. As a Nana I will be right there to help {when I can} to encourage when needed and to be the loudest cheerleader she has when she accomplishes what she set out to do. Yep, That's what we are for,right?? Have a blessed weekend and give Andrew a big ole hug for me.

  7. Now Andrew has captured my heart! I love what he said about being your special boy! Love his smile that just shows his heart and and love through it and his eyes. Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,

  8. Oh my goodness, this just made me cry! You all are such an amazing and wonderful family with a truly amazing and wonderful boy. I am the one that has been blessed to be a part of Andrew's life and I hope I can continue to be even though I won't be his teacher. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am deeply touched.

    Patty Shoemaker

  9. This post really gave me a lump in my throat. You wrote it so beautifully and I can 't imagine how it was at your husband's memorial...amazing, sad, beautiful and so touching from a beautiful little boy, wise beyond his years.
    I hope you are doing well Betty and each day gets a tiny bit easier for you. You have a lovely family and friends for support and you have supported them; now it is their turn. I know I had to lean on mine when my dear husband passed 13 years ago.
    Keep those beautiful posts coming...Love, Joy

  10. Betty, the right teacher does makes all the difference. And prayer is the way to ensure that God makes the perfect match. Andrew is a special little boy. Thank you for sharing his first year of school with us.

  11. Betty, you are such a dear and so sweet to share this story of Andrew. Hie teacher sounds like an angel. My youngest daughter is a 4th grade teacher and loves her own two kids so very much but she always adds how much she loves her other "kids" and misses them when they move on up to 5th grade.


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