Thursday, July 7, 2016

Oh My Goodness! It Has Been A While

Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door. I have Heavenly Tea, hot tea, or coffee.Your choice. Grab a mug or a glass and help yourself, lets sit out on the porch the deck is sunny right now and catch up. Do you feel like I do that while you were wondering what you were going to do next, June slipped out like a cat, tip toeing away. I find I ask that a lot lately, where did time go? Well I have had some great times since we last visited. We celebrated the birthday with zest and lots of laughter, went to Florida to my favorite beach, and came home. Dodd, Renda, Olivia and I had a wonderful time at Seagrove.
We spent a week and ate at all of our favorite places, and tried  Dewey Destins place on 98. It was good but I still love the old one on the water. While eating there one afternoon we were excited to meet Mr. Dewey Destin himself. He was waiting tables. A very pleasant man and Renda asked if we could take his picture for the blog and he agreed.
We love eating there and can't wait to go back in the fall.
I have had a wonderful summer. Spending time with friends and family. We have had some good times just being. I did some furniture rearranging and found some twin beds for my guest room. I hated to get rid of my old walnut 1700s rope bed but needed twin beds for that room. We had looked in all our travels for a pair, but never found any I liked. Went out to Clinton one afternoon with my friends Betty and Janie and went into Corner Antiques and there they were! Right under my nose. I laughed and said I got "new" beds. These are 1860's! They are rope beds also but the rails were modified to accommodate twin mattresses. I am so happy with them.
They are all ready for company. We had to remove several items from the room including my  corner cupboard that holds my books. We took the small mustard one out of my room and put the blue one in its place. I haven't done so many changes in a long time but am happy with what we did. I have packed away lots of things, as I no longer care for a lot of clutter. My whole house has been rearranged for these beds. It is a good thing I like
Last week I went over to Asheville with my friends Georgia and Carol. We stayed the night with Carols niece Carrie and her family. Mary Ann, Carols sister met us there too. We had such a wonderful time. On Monday we went to a book signing with Susan Branch. Most of you all know I love her books and illustrations. I had never met Susan but Carol and Georgia had. She is so charming and so is her husband Joe. They acted as if they had known all of us forever. We enjoyed chatting with a couple of women from Johnson City while we were in line too.

I bought her books Fairy Tale Girl and Isle of Dreams and really enjoyed them. The next day Mary Ann left for home and Georgia, Carol, and I went over to Biltmore Village and shopped a while. Then we headed to Grove Park Inn for lunch. I had never been but I sure enjoyed it. It is rustic and the view was breath taking. It was a day we could eat outside and it couldn't have been better
I thoroughly enjoy going places with friends and feel so blessed to have so many.
I am sorry to have been away so long and hope I haven't lost all my readers. It makes me happy when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.


  1. Betty your blogs are so loved, I can't see anyone leaving you. Once we moved into our new ( built in 1969) house I kept all the clutter stuff in their box and just going for a simple look. Tired of being a slave to my stuff. Welcome back

  2. Hi Betty! I agree, time passes quickly these days. Your "new" beds are awesome - so nice they were able to support the mattresses. I hear us on the clutter - I have been whittling away at my belongings lately as well. I call it thinning the herd, lol. It was fun reading about your summer adventures. Jane

  3. Love reading your blog and loved spending part of the 4th of July with you all. The twin beds look great. You really know how to do Southern hospitality right. Love you all!

  4. Hi, Betty, glad you are back to your blog. There is just something about blogs that you can't get from Facebook. I am happy you found your twin beds, they look wonderful. I had a pair of antique twins years ago, I know they are hard to find. It seems like antique beds just aren't selling anymore, everyone wants queens and kings :( Not me....

  5. The beds are pretty. I am glad you found them!

  6. Hi Betty, so glad you are getting out and about and having a good time. Many Blessings to you, Trisha

  7. Miss your blog--hope all is well!

  8. Hi Betty, I miss you, are you doing ok?blessings, Dawn E. Brown

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  10. Betty, Have you stopped blogging, oh how I miss reading about you,Love, Dawn E. Brown

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