Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. It has been a stormy day and night here. I don't like storms. I am not afraid but I have lots of big trees around and that causes me some concern.It is supposed to stormy tonight, then cool off for a couple of days. Oh well it is good to see you again. Lets have a cup of DD and visit. This post is just what it says Tid bits. One of the first things I want to share, is last year one of my facebook friends, Renee Hubiak shared a picture of her son celebrating his 24th birthday in Afghanistan. Many of you are FB friends with Renee. But there he was in uniform and it broke my heart. I know he is one of many and I tell you it makes me want to cry.Over the years I have had family members serve. My first cousin lost his son in Iraq, but thankfully I have no family serving now. I have grandsons his age and it could have been them, but it wasn't, it was Ryan. Well I made it my mission to pray harder for him. To make matters worse,lol before he went to serve us, he had a hard time getting his Great Dane Zeus from Washington State to New Jersey. (Renee posted about it on FB long before I saw the birthday picture.So I knew she had a son going and promised to pray for him.)Anyway, I kept up with Ryan and Zeus, and am happy to say he and Zeus have since been reunited. Zeus' Grandma and Grandpa drove him from New Jersey to Washington State so they could be reunited.( I think they really wanted to see Ryan too.)lol Here is a picture of the reunion. Renee sweetly consented to allowing me to share this on my blog.
 Now if this doesn't make you tear up nothing will. We think of all the families who have to suffer while their loved one is fighting for us, but I never really considered the pets. Some pets aren't as blessed as Zeus, to have someone drive cross country for them, and are never reunited with their owners. I am so happy this was a happy reunion, aren't you.Can you believe Zeus is taller than Ryan!Can you see the blur of the wagging tail?lol Thank you Renee Grish Hubiak, Ryan and Zeus, for allowing me the privilege to share this. And lets remember to continue to pray for our young people who are giving up so much for us.
This flag is in Ryan and Zeus' honor. Welcome home Ryan.
Today I recieved a surprise package in the mail. It was from another FB and blogging friend Marie MacDonald, aka OLM. She sent me Cadbury Caramel eggs!!!! Yes she did and I am soooo happy.
She is truly a giving person. I have some of her little hand made goodies in my house. Her blog is
 primitives by olde lady morgan. Go check her out. She has a selling blog too.
I had looked everywhere for Cadbury Caramel eggs and could only find the Creme. Now I have Caramel to eat one egg a day. Well maybe two. Thank you Marie. You are the best
Kathy Webb who lives in North Carolina and follows my blog had told me she was having some windsor chairs made by a gentleman near her, who makes these just like the would in Colonial Days. I wanted to see pictures and she graciously sent me some. These chairs are exquisite. Her husband built and finished the table. It is a cherry top and I thought you all would enjoy seeing it. Kathy has a gorgeous home as I have seen some other pictures. Thanks Kathy for allowing me to share.
Can you imagine making eight of these chairs? Aren't they wonderful?
Love the brace backs.
Something else I want to say. I had my visit with the dermatologist  today. She found a place in my head. I never think of checking my head, do you? Well do it now. She also removed a place on my nose. No wonder the kids are always saying they are happy they "got" their daddy's nose!
Well yet another tid bit Through My Back Door. You know our Tennessee State bird is Mocking Bird. If you have followed my blog very long, you know I am afraid of birds or anything with feathers. TERRIFIED!!! Well, apparently, Mocking Birds love where I live. They are everywhere this year. If you go out the door they swarm at you. This has happened before, and it got so bad I either had to take an umbrella to the mail box or drive!!! The truth. Poor Dasko last spring couldn't go out without being swooped. Well they are back. This year however one has fallen in love with my car. I can't get to the car for it. Besides it is keeping my car dirty.  I guess I need to get a rubber snake to lay on my car. Well that is what is going here and it is always a good going on when you come Through My Back Door where life is good
PS: My friend Mary is out of the hospital. Diagnosed with vertigo.
PSS: I will still share my exciting news
PSSS: Lets pray for the storm victims and our fellow bloggers.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh What A wonderful Weekend

Good Monday morning and come on in Through My Back Door. We have had this discussion before, I know it is Monday and laundry day, but I am NOT doing it.lol So grab a cup of coffee and come in. I am embarrassed to say I have gotten so far behind in the AtoZ I am not finishing it. A rare thing for me to do is not follow through, but this is one time. I will think long and hard before I make such a long blogging commitment again.lol It was fun and I enjoyed it, until I got behind.Then it was a stress and I just decided to stop. SOOOOOO, last week was beautiful here for the most part. I love eating my lunch outside. Went to Debs for supper one night and we ate outside. It was perfect. Anyway let me tell you about my weekend. As you know Karen,( MY COLONIAL HOME, ) was to visit me 
on Friday. They were on their way to NC. Unfortunately they both got sick on Monday,  and didn't get to come until Saturday. Well my Saturday was filled to the brim so we couldn't make it on Saturday. Saturday I went to a Ladies Luncheon with Deb at her church. It was a quilting theme. Deb is a quilter and they had some beautiful quilts, old and new on display. A fun program and good food.
I always enjoy being with Deb. We can have a good time where ever we are. I am so thankful I have a beautiful daughter who enjoys being with here mama.
Saturday night I went to my High School alumni banquet. SO many people but not many from my class. It was nice and lots of good food.
Saturday afternoon I had a message from Karen and they had decided to go on their trip. They were spending the night in Powell(5 miles from me) and could we meet for breakfast. Karen and I were NOT letting this opportunity pass. I had been asked to Greet at church on Sunday so I had to go. We agreed to meet at 7:30 at Shoneys which was next to their motel and 5 minutes from my church. I am so glad we could make this happen. You know there are people you know from forums, blogs, FB decorating groups, etc, and the minute you are face to face, it seems you have been friends forever. That is the way it was. I enjoyed visiting with them so much. We just didn't have enough time. Their friends had bought tickets for a play in the early afternoon and we both had to go. We did enjoy what time we had together and it will happen again.
Karen got more pictures than I did as I just had my phone. I will tell you this. She looks just as young and perky in person as she does in her pictures. She is just a doll. Karen's blog was the second one I ever read, with Linda Rudmans being the first. After reading theirs for a couple of years I decided to do one too.
I have to admit I have been in a blogging slump and don't think I am very interesting anymore.(if in fact it ever was) However I have made some wonderful friends through the blogging world. I have been touched by many of you and your kindness. Blogging is slowing down a little but it is a great way to share.
Well one more thing on my list. Please pray for my friend Mary. She is in the hospital and has been since Friday. Mary suffered a brain bleed back in 2002 and is a miracle.She is having horrific headaches and diziness. We wre praying they can find the cause and fix it. Someday I will ask her if I can share her story. (You see she was supposed to have been on her way to Portugal and would have been in the middle of the ocean) Anyway, please pray for her. As I said, she is a miracle. BTW she is in my domino group.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Please pray for some of our blogging buddies.Some are truly going through a difficult time now
PSS: I also am praying for the victims of those horrible tornadoes and their families
PSSS: I will have something exciting to share next post

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Letter T--------TREASURES

Good morning. Oh yes the coffee is ready and I am happy to see you. It is a bit chilly so we will just visit inside this morning. If you come back this afternoon we can sit on the porch.
Let me clarify the title today. I KNOW what the real treasures are. They are not things. Definitely not. But today I am sharing, and I have done it before some THINGS that are treasures to me. Not valuable to anyone else but me.

The mirror that hung in my paternal Grandparents home. Always
My Maternal Great Aunts lamp.
Curtis' great grandmothers willow egg basket
My paternal Grandmother's sun bonnet
My cowbell my daddy gave me. He came in wearing it around his neck, "clanging"
An old cracked yellow ware bowl given to me by a stranger at a yard sale. The story behind this renews your faith in people.
The coffee grinder given to me by Ed and Ila many, many years ago.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of my treasures. You are a treasure too when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Letter S---------Special

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. Get a cup of coffee and there is some apple cobbler left if you would like some. My card group was here last night and they are special. I fixed this for supper.
This is a pinterest recipe that is so good and so easy. I also had beets and garlic biscuits. The apple cobbler with ice cream was dessert. I have told you before when Beth was little she always wanted to do something 'pecial. Everyone likes to feel special. In my life my family and friends are special to me. I feel so blessed now to have great grandchildren. They indeed are Special. So today, even though there are so many Special people in my life, I will share my greats

Andrew and Mollie at their cousins wedding. Andrew was the ring bearer and Mollie a flower girl.
Gabe. He is going to be quite the out doorsman. He is just the sweetest.
Amelia. Remember how tiny she was and you all prayed for her? She is so healthy now. We are thankful.
The youngest, Taylor Grace. I love her name.
So now you have it, 5 special people in my life. I feel blessed to be able to enjoy them.
Today I challenge you to let someone in your life know they are special. You are special to me too, when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Someone special is coming Through My Back door this week. Karen Martinsen and her husband are coming to visit.MY COLONIAL HOME

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Good Saturday morning before Easter. Come in and have a cup of coffee and I will show you my precious quilts. I call them precious, not because of their monetary worth, but because of the hands that sewed them. My Mother and Grandmother. Last week I gave Deb my Grandmother's thimble. It was sterling silver. Yes, that was my Grandma.lol
This is one of my favorites.   Dutch doll as my Mom called it. Some people call it Sun Bonnet Sue. This is the corner cupboard where I have them stored.
This is the last one she made.
This is an 1800's quilt given to me by a friend to use as a cutter. It is perfect on the rope bed.
I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my quilts. Again not monetary value, but sentimental, which is more important to me. You know what else is important to me? You coming Through My Back  Door where life is good.
PS: Please continue praying for Jason and Lori and the rest of the family

Friday, April 18, 2014

Letter P-----------People

Good morning and on this beautiful Good Friday I hope everyone is wearing a smile. The coffee is ready, waiting on you to get here and visit. I chose PEOPLE for the letter P, because I love people. I enjoy being with others and meeting new people. Longtime friendships are a true blessing. I have been blessed to renew several in the last few years, each one is a blessing to me. But sometimes you meet people that you will never cross paths again and you know it. But you enjoy your conversation. It has been my experience that most people are wonderful. I am thinking about the tour bus driver in Gettysburg, who asked if I'd like to take a picture of the Tn Memorial, the people who sat across or behind you in a restaurant and hep you make food choices. The people who know you are not from their area and tell you where to eat. That is how we found Dewey Destins in Fla, the Beef House in Ind, both places we all love. The waiter/waitress who chats with you and gives you wonderful service. The waiter who sees you leaving and says, oh I want a hug. The list goes on and on. Sometimes Deb gets aggravated when people tell me their problems in a line, or somewhere because it holds us up.(One time a waitress, actually sat down at our table and told me her pitiful story)Anyway, I love people of all ages and races. I truly enjoy meeting new ones and visiting with old ones. I am so glad to have you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Cannot do this post without mentioning this is the Christians most glorious weekend. To think Jesus died on the cross just for us is incomprehensible.But He did. Yet 3 days later arose and now we have eternal life through Him. Enjoy this blessed time and remember to worship and thank Him for the sacrifice.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Letter O----------OCEAN

  Good morning and the sun is shining as you come Through My Back Door this morning. The coffee is ready and I am on my second cup.The letter O is the letter today and I thought of lots of things, but Ocean kept coming to my mind. I LOVE the ocean. I have been to the coast from Maine to Florida. I have been on the Atlantic and the Gulf side in Florida, but I LOVE the Panhandle. Several years ago my friend Carol, who she and her husband Jim, own a condo in Seagrove offered it to us. We went and it was the beginning of a love affair, that is still going on.
The water is green as can be, thus they call it the Emerald Coast. The condo is so convenient to Destin and Panama City, as well as many other little beach towns.
Yes, this is where I am so at peace. Not any beach, but beautiful Seagrove in the panhandle. I know that all is well and God is in control. I always think of the words ,"Dear God your sea is so vast and my boat is so  small" but I always replace boat with "me".
So there you have my love for the Ocean. I hope you love coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Thank you for the Comments about Jason, Lori's son. Please continue prayers. You can find a link to his page on my timeline on FB

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door. I have Neglected to get this post done. I went to a cook out for the newlyweds, MaryKate and Alex last night then spent the night with Deb and Michael. It was late this morning when I got home. Usually I have these done a couple of days ahead, so I was being neglectful. Get your coffee and let me explain what I mean. I don't mean people, children, (not that children aren't people) or pets being neglected, I am referring to the things I NEGLECT to do. Like saying please and thank you. I was taught to use those words and certainly expected my children to do so. But even more I am thinking I Neglect to do nice things for people. I mean to do it. I have every intention to do things, but lots of time I Neglect to follow through. I neglect to say I love you, I neglect to brag on something someone has done, I neglect to say I am proud of you, I neglect to visit, oh my, I neglect to say, "I appreciate you,  I neglect often times take up for someone who isn't being treated kindly. I neglect to tell someone I care. One Neglect I hope I never have is Neglecting to thank my God for all He does for me. I challenge each of you as well as myself, let's erase the word NEGLECT from our vocabulary. Let us let people we know and care about, as well as those we just cross paths with, know that we care. One thing I hope you never NEGLECT and that is to continue to come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Many of us know Lori Triplett,AKA Black Crow. Hr son was seriously injured in an accident last Fri night. He and Lori needs our prayers. I know bloggers are prayers, so please, please, pray for them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Good morning and come on in Through My Back Door and lets drink coffee and talk Memories. We all have wonderful as well as not so wonderful memories, that we can fall back on. I think we take Memories for granted. I know I did, until I saw Curtis lose his a bit at a time. He had no memories of us, but we had so many of him. When you are making memories you don't think of it as such. When Beth was little her favorite thing to do was come to my house and do "something 'pecial". Usually that meant make cookies. Curtis said one day," You are not just making cookies, you are making memories." I didn't realize it at the time, but not only were they memories for Beth but for me too.
Some of us are dealing with our beloved family members today, who are losing their memories. It is one of the hardest things we have to deal with. When Curtis' mind went bad, I made the comment to several people, there were things worse than death. Some of them unfortunately, have come to understand that statement.
The strangest thing about memories is you never know what will bring one back. It may be a song, a picture, sometimes with me a smell. I was raised on gospel music, so an old gospel song my Mom and Dad's quartet used to sing, will reduce me to tears. Memories can make you smile, cry like I do sometimes, or make you laugh out loud. So many people have filled me with wonderful memories. I wonder what memories I am leaving? Lets all strive to make beautiful memories every day, especially with those we love so much. I hope each of my grands have special memories.
So think today about the MEMORIES you are making. Make good ones, they don't have to be earth shaking, just a simple doing something "pecial"
You might even make someone a memory jar like my family did me.  I have enjoyed every note and reliving every memory.
I hope you take good memories when you leave Through My Back Door where life is good.

Monday, April 14, 2014


                                                                                                                                                    Good Monday morning and come on in Through My Back Door, get a cup of coffee and lets go out on the porch.            
                                                                                                                                                  It is so pretty this morning. Not sunny, but a beautiful morning. Life. We take it so for granted. That is until someone we love faces a situation where they could lose theirs. LIFE is precious, it is a gift from God. We are not here by some fluke thing, God created us and this world and I don't appreciate it like I should. However if you have been following me any length of time, you remember when Amanda was diagnosed with breast cancer. That is the moment I quit taking LIFE for granted.
This was during her chemo. We had gone to Lulu's Tea Room for lunch. Lulu let us go upstairs so she wouldn't have to be with people. During these times I KNEW life wasn't forever and was a gift. I also have said repeatedly my faith in God grew during this time. I now enjoy a closer walk with Him. I now enjoy every day of LIFE.
Amanda is healed now. She is living LIFE. She has given her testimony to church groups, on blogs, wherever she may witness about God and LIFE. She doesn't take anything for granted and sees only good in everyday. She knows she is a miracle and doesn't take it for granted. She loves LIFE and I love her. I am sorry she had to suffer to teach her Grandma a lesson, but I learned so much about LIFE during this. As all who knows her did.
My prayer and challenge for everyone who visits my blog, that you will LIVE LIFE to the best and to the fullest. Do not let little aggravations get you down. Ignore petty remarks, ignore inconveniences, and live and enjoy LIFE.  It is a Gift from God. Also REMEMBER the greatest gift of LIFE ever given was when Jesus died on that cross for you and me.
If you have time living your life please continue to come Through My Back Door where LIFE is good.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Good morning, we sure are having a lot of visiting time on this AtoZ challenge, aren't we? I have coffee ready and fresh banana nut bread. Yum. It is a recipe I have never tried before, but will be the go to from now on. I don't know if you read the Mitford Series a few years ago by Jan Karon or not, but she later published a cook book with recipes from that series. My friend Linda A showed kindness to each of us in the Card Group and bought us the cook book. It is a good one. KINDNESS, something I am afraid is dwindling away. My young friend Chris, shows kindness to me by mowing and weed eating my yard, at a reasonable price.
So when I sit out here I see this.
(BTW, this was taken in early fall, last year, but you get my view)
My other young neighbor Steve, mows my field, scrapes my driveway and is always willing to do something for me. You read about my neighbors Jackie and Phil yesterday. Pastor D, the associate pastor at my church was so kind to Curtis, his 6&1/2 years in the NH. Always visiting him and treating him so sweetly, even when Curtis had no idea who he was.(It was an hour away) They are all kind.
Andrew is one of the kindest children ever. His teacher last year commented on his being kind.
Kindness is something we all need to show. I love it when I see someone being kind, don't you? Today I see people being rude, sometimes hurtful to people who are supposed to be their friends. I don't think we realize how our words hurt sometimes. If we would stop and think before we say things, kindness would soon become a habit. Today I am asking myself, am I kind? If so am I kind enough? Another friend of mine Lisa Crutchfield is so kind to me. She doesn't have to be, but she is. She is so generous and I love her, not because of her generosity but because of her kindness. She is so much younger than me, she doesn't have to give me the time of day, but she does. Always a hug and a smile.My blog fairy is so kind to me.We have never met, yet she shows me kindness. There are so many more who have and continue to show me kindness, I could never mention them all. Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes. Kindness is free! I challenge you today to be kind and to be aware of it. Be aware of being kind to others, make it a habit, like you have made a habit coming Through My Back Door where life is good.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Letter J----------JACKIE

Good morning and come on in Through My Back Door, where the coffee is always on and you are always welcome. It is wonderful to have you visit. Todays post will be short, but J is for Jackie. She is my neighbor, who keeps her eye out over here. Her husband Phil was the one who came into the house with me when I was broken into.Phil was the one who came the night someone was prowling around here. (Yes, he caught him) She sends me milk when I am out and there is ice and snow on the road. She bakes me cookies, gives me fresh picked fruit, and even had Phil take pictures of my house in the snow, when I was at Debs. I wish everyone had a neighbor like Jackie.  Thank you Jackie for all you and Phil do for me. I love you guys.
I love you all for coming Through my Back Door where life is good.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 9 I Internet Friends

Good morning and come in grab a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll. I must confess I was craving something sweet and besides I have become attached to those 6 pounds and let 'em hang around if they wish to.lol JK! Anyway I is for Internet friends. I have met so many wonderful people, that have become friends. We have met several times in person and have had great times and many laughs together. The first time we met an internet friend was Carla and Daryl in Il, once when we were at Beths.
Then we had a Gathering with TPP(which was a wonderful forum) and met again.
Some of us at "The Gathering"/.
Since then several have visited me.

Frank and Pam Hendrix, Civil folks blog
Sue Beck, PrimSues Heart and Home
Another Gathering at DaybreakPlace
This picture was such a big joke. I hope all who was there gets a huge laugh if they see this.
Angela and Dasko. Angela is "Through Nana'sWindow"
Angela, Holly and Darbee Rae.(Holly's Hobbies and Darbees Days, blog). We have visited several times, chat on the phone some and have truly become family as well as prayer partners.
I have also been privileged to meet Patty Sumner, My Mountain Blessings blog, but she hasn't been Through My Back Door yet. Another longtime blogger is coming though, whom I have never met in person.
Also I have received some wonderful gifts from blogging friends. One of Mollies favorite things I have gotten is the sheep wool from Audrey at Tombstone Tidings. She always says, "Can I fee how soft this is" I let her
Another wonderful gift is from a blogger I have never met. This wonderful painting of "Mother" When he sent it and I asked if I could ay for it, his reply was, "You all have been through so much this year, I just want to do something to make you smile.
Marshal at Bama Planter, this makes me smile everyday. I have woolie angels and hearts and many, many other wonderful RAKS from bloggers. Gourd eggs, dried okra and too many other things to name them all. But when I see them I remember how blessed I am to have Internet Friends.
Another thing I have received from Internet friends is prayer partners. Lura, Trace, Patty, Angela,and many, many more. I have also been blessed to pray for a lot of you.
I have certainly been blessed by meeting and making several Internet friends. Yes, something we make our children stay away from.lol But have you noticed my Child is in cahoots with me?lol I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.