Monday, December 27, 2010

SNOW! But It's the Sunny South

Welcome Through My Back Door, where there is snow outside. I do have the coffee on so come on in and have a cup. We haven't had a good visit in a while and I am ready for company. NOT!!!This is what you would see if you came Through My Back Door right now.

Not a pretty sight. I have taken all my decorations down and all the faux trees and greenery, as well as some santas have landed in the eating area. It is a true mess. I am waiting on my grandson to help carry them to the barn to store. The rest of the house is fine, but not at all welcoming when you come in the back door. Here is what you would see if you were coming up my driveway.

 Do you see what I mean? This isn't supposed to happen in East Tn, and it's the second snow and we had an ice storm!!!!! Oh well I have to admit it was wonderful waking up to a White Christmas. It is pretty, but enough is enough and we are only five days into winter.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly did Through My Back Door. We had lots of food and everyone was here except my granddaughter Beth and her husband Ryan. They are doing their residencies in Springfield, Il and both had to work Christmas Day. I told Beth to be extra sweet to her patients that day, that they wanted to be home too. She assured me she would, and I know she was, because she is very sweet all the time. We will have Christmas with them New Years eve.
Here are a few of the people who came Through My Back Door Christmas night. There are a lot of us now and my house is small and sometimes it get a bit loud and chaotic but we have so much fun. One grandson got a guitar and my granddaughters boy friend a drum, so see what I mean?

This baby Mollie Ann and her daddy Clay. She truly is a gift this year.
That is her mommy,her mommys brother Curt, (who is going to get me for this picture) and her cousin Seth. We did not take a lot of posed pictures this year and I didn't get many snapshots, on my camera at least.
This is my beautiful d-i-l Renda with Seth. Seth does Shakespeare and interned in Minn this summer. That is Olivia's head and her boyfriend Will.

These are my two sons. The oldest, Doug, comes every year and helps do
the cooking. The other is Dodd and he is Renda's husband. don't know where Deb was. Oh well! lol(Dodd is going a little heavy with the salt shaker.)
Well that gives you a little idea of  what went on Through My Back Door on Christmas. We have so much fun when we all get together.I'll leave you with a picture of the light of my life, who had been up since 5:30 that morning and had been two other places before he got here. It was okay he wasn't a happy

I really appreciate all the comments on my previous blog, about the Mirror. You know I have discovered that here in blogland we all love God and family first, then decorating. I am honored to be part of the blogging world and for all the new friends I have made. Your comments are appreciated, I read everyone, and to everyone who reads this blog I say  Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will continue Coming Through My Back Door  where life is good.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Welcome Through My Back Door. It is almost Christmas and many of us have been  been so busy decorating, cooking, shopping and entertaining, that often we say, "It is so much work and it comes and goes so fast, etc". It doesn't have to be that way. It is too often we have ourselves to blame as we want it all to be perfect. We want it to be perfect for all those we love and hold dear.  The decorating was finished early this year, shopping done,entertaining over,except for the most important people, my family, who will all be here on Christmas Day, and some cooking to be done, but with all that said, it has left me time to reflect. Like a lot of you, several people I love won't be coming Through My Back Door this year. In fact a lot of them haven't been through it in years. A few weeks ago  I was given the most wonderful gift. It doesn't look like much and some of you will think that old thing. However it is most special to me. It is THE MIRROR.
You see this mirror once held the reflection of lots of people who no longer  come Through My Back Door.

My daddy had  several brothers and sisters, who in turn had children, my cousins. They were the only cousins I had. My grandparents were far from wealthy. My grandma, nannie, as we called her was a little bitty woman, who could not read nor write. My papaw was a big man and could absolutely squeeze your breath out with one of his bear hugs.Oh how my cousins and I loved those two. Many years they had no inside bathroom, and this is where the mirror comes into play. It hung on the back porch, it was screened in. and below it was a bench with a wash pan and a water bucket. My aunts combed their hair, washed their faces and fixed themselves up, looking in this old mirror. My papaw shaved and combed his hair looking in this old mirror.My daddy combed his hair and probably thought about how handsome he was in this old mirror. After my uncle put them an inside bathroom in, they closed in the back porch, because you had to go through there to get to the bathroom. A new medicine cabinet hung in the new bathroom, but the old mirror still hung on the back porch. I remember looking in that old mirror, as do all my cousins I am sure. It was just a fixture hanging on that porch we all took for granted.
A few weeks ago my Aunt Annie, who is very special to me, gave me THE MIRROR. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to get to be the keeper of this treasure. I vow not to ever be sad when I look at this old mirror, but to think instead of the reflections it once held. I will always treasure it just as I do the memories of the people it saw.  Now do you see it isn't just an old mirror, but THE MIRROR of memories past.
I ask each of you to join me this year in not being sad because some of our loved ones no longer Come Through Our Back Doors, but to be thankful they once did and their memories still do. Lets embrace the loved ones we still have and make every moment count. 
Thank you so much for Coming Through My Back Door the last several weeks. I am so humbled that you read my little blog  and for the friendships we have developed.

This is my beautiful Aunt Annie, who I am thankful still comes Through My Back Door  where life is good.
I want to leave you on lighter note. This is the sweet rottweiller who lives Through My Back Door singing I Wish you a Merry Christmas.
I do too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look Who Came Through My Backdoor

Come on in Through My Back  Door where it is much warmer than it is outside. It is a cold 9 degrees here in East Tn. The coffee is hot so grab a cup and visit while I tell you who came Through My Back Door on Sunday. My friends  Gloria Gale and Bill Mathews, who also happen to be a stylist and photographer for Country Sampler magazine were in town. They came to film my daughter Debbie and son-in-law Michael's house all ready for Christmas.
What fun we had. They have a wonderful job and love what they do. You can just imagine what a shoot with them would be like. We are going on a field trip to watch them shoot.
Here they are looking to see how they want to get started . Every shot has to be just perfect as these two are perfectionists. I have had the pleasure of watching  them shoot my friend Carols house, as well as my own. Now Debs. I took a few shots while they were shooting. Please remember I am NO photographer. Bill felt quite secure in his job that my photos were no threat!lol I don't get it!

 That throw has  to look "just right". That is Bill seeing how it is going to look through the eyes of that camera.

This is my friend Carol and me supervising! Its a hard job, but somebody has to do it.

Gloria and Carol chit chatting as Gloria warms by the fireplace. It was really cold and we had the door open to get a "perfect" light This conversation looks more serious than it

Lets do another room. See those Gingerbread men on the counter, Carol made them. They are as good as they look too. mmmm wonder how I know that! Well no one was looking and, you know the rest.

Bill and Michael, aka as the woodcarver, doing something. I am sure it was technical. You can tell by looking it WAS serious.

We had a lunch of homemade vegetable soup and hot bread. It was wonderful on a cold snowy day. We had such a good time, but had to get back to work.

Another big decision is being made. Can you tell? Well, it takes a long time to take even one  shot. It is interesting to watch these two professionals at work. They can arrange things just perfectly for the cameras eye.

That evening, after the shoot was over, they all came Through My Back Door for a dinner of spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad. Dessert was home made apple stack cake,(which they had never had). This is a picture of the stylist and the home owner all worn out after a day of fun.

Aren't they cute? It was a wonderful day and an experience Deb and Michael will never forget. I am so glad for them.

This is the tree in their living room full of nothing but hand carved ornaments. That is Michael's  hand, showing me the new stocking he carved for our new little girl, Mollie. It has her name on it.
Now that you have seen some  of  what goes on during a shoot, (this is actually just a drop in the bucket) maybe you would like this experience too. They are always looking for homes. They  like you to take full room shots, not vignettes, of every room. Your photos do not have to be perfect, they do not expect that. Send them to  That is Mathews with one T. He will send them on to Donna Marcel, the editor and she chooses the homes to publish. Your home does not have to be perfect. I promise you if you do this and are chosen you will have such a wonderful experience, you'll cherish forever. You do not have to feed them, we just did. They don't expect you to.  I invited Gloria to stay with me and she accepted. We had a wonderful visit and were thrilled to have her Through My Back Door. Dasko, the friendly rottweiller loved her. I didn't get a picture of them and don't know why. I hope you enjoyed meeting them and coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
Bill and Gloria drove 20 hours in a snow storm to fulfill their commitment to this shoot. Can you believe that? Here is what it looked like on Sunday night, and this was before it got really bad. This at the side corner of my front porch.

. Oh by the way, look for the article in the Christmas issue of country Sampler,2011.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis The Season To Be Joyful

Good evening and welcome Through My Back Door. Tis the season to be joyful and to have a good time with family and friends. That's what we have been doing Through My Back Door. The decorating has been done for a long time. I have actually replaced greenery and will have to replace it again probably. But that's okay, I have enjoyed having it up.
Sunday night I went to my cousin's house for dinner. There were several of us and everything was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the company exceptional. We talked and laughed and had a good time.  They had a fire in their gorgeous fireplace.

Doesn't that look like a scene out of  The Night Before Christmas? She has a beautiful home and it was decorated to the nines! We ate at this beautifully set table. (No chinet here)

 The food was as good as the table looked. We had a wonderful time.
Tonight  was my annual cookie swap. There were only six of us, as two of the usual attendees had illness in their family.

This is the table before the other cookies were put out. We got to talking and laughing and forgot to take any pictures of all the cookies!!! The girls had them in the cutest containers, but oh well.

Here are some of mine. We ate cookies and drank hot mulled cider and had a jolly ole' time. This is a picture of the girls.

Two of these girls are in my card group, two are in my domino group and on the left is my kindred spirit Carol. Her house was in the Country Sampler Home Tour, and we went on a field trip there in the fall. Remember?
Anyway that's what has been going on Through My Back Door. There are lots of cookies and mulled cider left  if you would like some. It is truly a joyful time when you can be with people you enjoy.
Would you like to see a few more of the woodcarvers santas? I thought you might, so I took a few pictures.

The bright red one in the back was one of the first he did. I love that face and the fat one with the suspenders. The chimney one isn't too bad either, is it?lol

A few more . These are setting on one of the German cupboards. I like this one too. He is so tall and skinny.

I am sorry but you can't see him very well. I'll take a close up one day. He also carved this goose on top of the corner cupboard

you can't see him very well either. I will take close ups next time.I am very proud of my son in law's carving talents. Deb does a good job painting too.

 This is over my kitchen sink. Just a little Christmas cheer.
This is in a corner of a bedroom. I love feather trees have you guessed that already?
 I love what this crock says.  I think each of us love being home at Christmas.
 Don't you?
I hope each and everyone of you are having joyful times with your friends and families too. Christmas is a time that we all should enjoy and love,  and too often people get so stressed out they cannot enjoy it. I find that so sad as we miss so much when that happens.  This year lets all strive to look for the joy and not strive so hard for perfection. Some of my favorite Christmases are when things were not perfect. I wonder if anyone remembers the ones I thought were perfect. I know we all miss loved one who are no longer with us, but this year I have decided instead of being sad about what no longer is, I am going to be joyful because those loved ones were in my life and brought me so much love and joy. I hope you will do that too.
Next week I have a special post coming up. It is going to be an exciting time and we are going on another field trip, with some special folks!!!! I absolutely can't wait to share this with all of you, my new friends.
Thank you so much for Coming Through My Back Door where life is good. I wish you a joyful week.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing and A Little Bit of Something

Welcome Through My Back Door. What a beautiful day we have had here in East Tn. I have been out and about, enjoying every moment. Now its time to turn on the Christmas music, light up all the trees, and enjoy a cup of Christmas Tradition  Coffee. Would you have a cup with me? I don't have any cookies to offer, but if you come back next week I will. Tuesday night is my annual cookie swap. We have so much fun and eat cookies until we pop. When everyone leaves they have several dozen assorted cookies to take with them. We have been doing this for years. Then on Wednesday I will cook dried apples to make Old Fashion Apple Stack Cake. My little  grandmother made them for years, then my aunt made them, and now it is me. I am not a baker, nor do I like to bake, so who woulda thunk it????lol
Today I went to my son's house to pick up a beautiful wreath my daughter-in-law ordered for me. It is the one you see at my back door now. It is so pretty. I love fresh greenery and  it made the entrance to my back door look much more festive. She also had me a poinsettia.

I thought that was so sweet. She is a wonderful daughter in law. I am so blessed with good in laws. Anyway as nice as this was, I had another surprise. My sweet granddaughter Olivia made me lunch. As we ate we reminisced about Christmases past. We made orange clove pommeanders one year, we made candy, and one year we made Christmas cookies and I swept sprinkles up for days!!!
That is Olivia, (we all know who that is on her left), but on the right is her brother Seth, and Andrews daddy Clay beside him. Olivia is a freshman at UT this year. She not only can fix lunch for her grandmother, she can really sing.
There are lots of family members I want you to meet, and you will. This is the only picture I had stored of Olivia.(The others were a bonus) I don't want them thinking about the title.( That they are the whole lot of nothing and Olivia is the little bit of something!!!!!)lol
You have been coming Through My Back Door for about two months now. I certainly enjoy you coming to visit. I thought you might like to see I do have a front door too! My grandson lives next door and he is the only one who uses it.

When Douglas comes in the front door it really upsets this sweet rottie.

He knows Douglas better than anyone except me, but he gets upset when he comes in that door. I think he thinks it is his door, since he goes in and out of it.
I am going to show you a few more Christmas pictures and when I come back next week I will have lots to share. A lot of things going on Through My Back Door.

 I hope I am not repeating myself, but if I am, oh well such is life.
 I have had this candle santa for years. The canning jar was a great aunts.

Before you go I want to share a little Random Act of Kindness with you. There is a young couple in Debbie and Michaels Sunday School Class that have been so sweet to me. I LOVE honey. I love it in my hot tea and I love it on a biscuit with butter. Well Ken didn't have a lot of honey this year, but guess who got a jar!!!You got it.

Doesn't  that look yummy! I love them!
Next week will be full of pictures and then it won't be long until I can share something wonderful with you. I'll give you a little hint, we'll be  going on a field trip!!!
Thanks for taking time to come Through My Back Door where life is good.