Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fall Is Just Around the Corner

Good morning and come on up. Have a cup of coffee and a few chocolate chip cookies. They won't hurt you. I have a book that says calories don't count if you eat standing up. So stand up and eat your cookies then sit down and lets have coffee and chat.It is always good to see you and I love having you visit, you know. I always enjoyed my front porch, but am afraid it is neglected now that we can sit here. I can't wait to decorate this for fall.
However, there is nothing like the view from the front porch when the leaves start to turn, so we may have to have coffee there then. We by the way are having fresh ground Kona. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. Have I said I love that grind and brew pot?lol
This is the view we will have in a few weeks, except even better. I love the fall colors. I am nestled in a beautiful valley among about 4 ridges. I have never taken pictures, but I will this fall.
I know you all expected a field trip to Debs and Renda's but life has gotten in the way. When Dodd and Renda wanted me to come I couldn't go. But as soon as I do I will take some pictures. I have been to Debs and forgot my camera and my phone doesn't take good pictures. Besides she has had a lot going on, but I promise we will get there and it will be worth the wait.Deb and I did take Friday and go shopping and out for supper at Olive Garden. Curt and Lindsey had given me a gift card for my birthday, so we used it. What a good time.
I have my other light up and I like them. I also got my floor cloths and I love them, especially the large one, it makes a statement. Cathy Ratliff Richards has My Little House of Primitive Floor Cloth's and she does a fabulous job

I had some help choosing this particular one and I am so glad. I just love it. They are so durable and I just mop the ones I have and go on. NO particular care.
There isn't a lot going on Through My Back door right now. We still have to finish the wall behind the fridge and that will get done. Again I use the term we loosely
This past Friday some friends and I went to Lulu's for lunch. There were 5 of us and we had a good time. They however were a bad influence on me(and I don't need that, heaven knows) but Sandy Merryman, Janet Penn, Dottie Luchsinger and Shirley Dowling talked me into getting Peanutbutter pie. Oh my goodness. Now their story will be different from mine, but it is my blog and I will tell it the way I want too. Well after lunch I met Deb and we went on our way. If you are going to be in Powell go to Lulu's for lunch. The food is superb and Dena and her staff are just wonderful.
Yesterday Debbie and Michael invited me to go to ESAU Antique Vendors to the show. I was so glad I went. I have to admit it was a bit nostalgic to walk up those stairs and go into the show. I had not been in the building since Curtis and I finished our last show so many years ago. I ran into so many people I knew and I enjoyed it so much. I will go back. Where have the years gone? I guess when I look in the mirror and see my gray hair, I know.
Oh fall is just around the corner and I love it. Mums, pumpkins, especially white ones with bittersweet. Pumpkin squares mulled cider in pewter mugs, crisp air and bon fires. I love it. Don't you?

Yes, I put these out already. Not my fault, sort of like the peanut butter pie.
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I hope you will continue to join me in prayer for our peace officers and everyone else in uniform
PSS: I appreciate everyone of you who comment and email me. If I can make one person's day just a bit better, or if I can make you smile, my mission is accomplished.
PSSS: Let's also remember our teachers. I have  family and friends who are teaching now and lots of retired friends.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Potpourri of Summer

Good morning and come on in and get a cup of coffee while it is still cool enough to enjoy it outside. It is going to be so hot today, I didn't go on the Longest Yard Sale. Is this a sign I am getting old? Law, I hope I truly didn't need to spend any money and I have no room for anything, so I said, I would just stay home. Only the second time I haven't gone. The first time was after I had gotten Dasko and I couldn't leave him home alone that long. Anyway I love going, but I am happy at home this morning.  ON a FB group we have been sharing our baskets, so I decided to share some with you too. A lot of you aren't on there and you have probably seen them before, but thats
Before I do that I will share my new chandelier. I am in love with It puts new meaning to "lighting up my life." It does
My back deck is all finished except the staining which we will do in the fall. Those of you who know me, know I use the term "We" So when it is time to stain it, I will cook a big breakfast of cubed steak, gravy, biscuits(might even be homemade) and they will come, brush in
I spend a lot of time out here now. It stays shady most of the day. I enjoy eating here too. I had and still do the patio, but I just enjoy this so much. I am thankful to my "boys' for all their hard work and time. When someone gives you a gift of their time, it is a gift they can never get back. I will have to say that Michael has worked on so many houses, built a lot of furniture and I think this was the first time he nailgunned his finger! OUCH!!!!! Curt jumped right on it and took care of it for him. Curt didn't :actually" jump on his finger, (that would have hurt much more, as he is a big guy)but he did the medical
OK time for baskets, but before I do have another chandelier and 2 floor cloths coming to share next time.
Won't be long until the geraniums will be put away for another year. Fall is around the corner.
This little basket holds wool from my friend Audrey in California. This is wool she has shorn from her own sheep. She is an amazing woman. She also spins.
Yesterday the "high school" group( that is the way Identify them to you. Card group, domino group)lol and I went to lunch at the Museum of Appalachia. We always enjoy our time together and chat non stop. Just like in High School.

We all ate pretty "Appalachian"  I got my favorite, meat loaf, as well as Alice and Kat. Patsy had chicken. We all ate too much for dessert, but one day I am going to get a piece of their cake. (If I don't get anything but)lol
Well I am going to comment on one of my pet peeves. Heels. Ladies, it is sandal season for petes sake check your heels. If you have been reading my blog long enough you know that drives me crazy!lol I see women all dressed up, hair in place, manicures, and horrible heels. Lotion, lotion, lotion. It is summer, everyone sees them. Now I have vented and I will hear about this from my friends (and my family. It is such a joke in our family, but it literally drives me nuts)
Well I am always happy to see you coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Curt had a birthday yesterday and I want to wish him Happy Birthday
PSS: I ask that we all pray seriously for our country. Whatever your political views are, you know our country is needing prayer
PSSS: I PROMISE we will take that field trip. Things have been so crazy busy, that I have not taken pictures at Deb's nor Renda's.  I will I will