Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This, That, and Some Other Stuff

Well by golly it is cold again. Come in grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you about my week. I apologize, still no sweets. But you know those scales aren't moving a bit. I tell you I am just disgusted with myself. I am blaming it on those cold, snow days. I swear, I ate everything that was loose. Did you do that? Well, anyway there won't be any sweets here for a while. UNLESS I find Cadbury Caramel eggs. I adore those things. Last Easter I couldn't find them Only the creme. They don't tempt me, but oh those caramel. Oh well, hopping on! (How did you like that?)lol I have put out some more bunnies. I just couldn't help myself. I will share those with you in a minute.
I want to tell you what I did on Monday. I admit to eating in the livingroom and not at the table, most of the time. Not good, I know, but I did it. When my kids were home and even when it was just Curtis and me, we ALWAYS ate at the table. Now I have gone to being lax and just eat in the livingroom. WELL<<<<< on Monday I decided I wanted pancakes for lunch. They were so good, BUT, I was eating away and all at once felt sticky on my arm. I looked and the syrup had run down my shirt, onto my pants, socks and even my shoes! The chair was covered as was the floor. I know you are thinking How much syrup did she have on those pancakes. Not that much really, but what a mess. Everything had to be washed, the chair scrubbed, and the floor.  I repeat,what a mess! The moral of this story is, eat pancakes at the I decided my plate was too small! That is my story and I am sticking to it. (not too much syrup)
I posted a picture on a FB decorating forum  and asked the members if this bunny should be out or in the basket. There were so many responses I couldn't count them all, so I came up with a solution. I would leave him out, except on days I was using the table for guests, then I would set him in it for easy moving. I have a feeling he will be out, more than (except for pancake day)
Several people suggested eggs and I appreciate the suggestion but I really want simple.
No bunny, but redware eggs. I got these at The Hen a couple of Easters ago and really like them
My friend Carla Herron made this stitcherie and Deb the bunny.
My family loves Heavenly Tea. It is recipe from The Mitford Series cookbook. Cynthia says it is better made in a crockery pitcher, so several years ago on a trip to the Seraph I bought this pitcher.
It makes almost a gallon. I love this pitcher, however my family makes fun of it being so heavy. I tell them I paid more for this than any pitcher I have ever had and to get over
I didn't realize I had a collection redware I do like redware.
I have gotten Dodd and Renda hooked on it too. I love drinking out of the mugs. The feel of the potters hands and imperfections are just wonderful to me.
Enjoy my lantern so much. I love the glow of the candles burning.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I have so enjoyed hearing from people who are now making sure they have lotion on their heels. I love it. I said we would beautify America one heel at a
PSS: I am getting excited to take my trip in a few weeks. I hope the weather cooperates.
PSSS: My son Dodd, decided to get into the County Commission race in his county. I am not believing that. I also want to thank you for the prayers for Doug. He is doing well.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Through My Back Door Pet Peeves

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. What a beautiful morning it is too. Sun is shining and so am I. Get your coffee, again DD, and come sit down with me. I have been reflecting and taking inventory of my life. Do you ever do that? I am ashamed to admit I take things for granted. That is my number one pet peeve. You know it is with embarrassment I acknowledge I take my children for granted. They are my children they should come when I call. And they do, but do they have to? Not at all. Oh yes, they admit they take me for granted In fact, remember the jar?
One of the things I pulled from it was from Dodd and he said "You have always been there for me and I expect you to always be, therefore I will continue to take you for granted". I smiled when I read that. He loves me, he wants me to always be here, so therefore, I am going to be taken for granted.That kind of taking for granted I can handle. I am talking about taking for granted a roof over my head, food on my table, clothes to wear, and family and friends that love me. I am going to be grateful for all of these. I do thank God for them daily, but I am going to "feel" the gratefulness.
Pet Peeve #2, is gum chewing in public. Yes, I get very frustrated when someone is waiting on me and chewing gum. Checking me out at the grocery or other place of business and chewing gum. As my Mother always said, Like a cow chewing its cud!lol Pet Peeve #3 is Christians who always look gloomy. I think we should always be full of joy. We have the assurance everything is going to be ok. I am not referring to illness nor death. I am talking about everyday living. I know people who are prayers, scripture quoters, and are good people, but they never show any joy on their faces. They always look gloomy. Personally I think we should show joy. Pet Peeve #4 is pessimists. With me the glass is always half full and I don't understand those who are always down and nothing is ever going to be all right. They have so much to be thankful for. SHOW IT.Pet Peeve #5 is a bit crazy, but it cracked heels and rough feet.I am so embarrassed, but I do notice how feet look in sandals or shoes w/o backs. My grands make fun of me all the time about that one. But I see women dressed beautifully, toe nails polished to perfection, and heaven help them cracked and rough heels.IMO there is just no excuse for it. If you don't have lotion, vaseline is cheap.  Pet Peeve #6 is people who are always airing their pet peeves. Oh goodness that is me today!!!! Oh well it was fun while it lasted. What are your Pet Peeves?
I will leave you with a few more of my favorite things.
 My knife box.
Old box
tiger maple tote and candle box
Coffee grinder from my cousin Ila
Driving up to my friend Carols house at Christmas. This is Ginger, who is no longer with us.
The mirror.
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: don't take people for granted. Send someone a note, call them, and let them know how much they mean to you. Tell them you love them and what they mean to you. It may just make "your" day
PSS" I have a new beautiful great granddaughter, Taylor Grace. Mommy says no internet pictures now.(Maybe later)
PSSS: I am elated I finally reached 280 followers. Angela and I were talking about the lack of comments on blogs anymore, But #280 I am so happy to have you.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy"(and a confession)

Good afternoon and come on in. Are you as happy as I am to see the sunshine? Well If I could I would jump so high and click my heels, but instead I will just keep on smiling! Grab a cup of coffee and come sit down. But first I have a confession. I am sure Angela won't rat me out, but I will go ahead and confess. Yesterday I had special company.
Yes, Holly, Angela and Darbee Rae came to visit.  We visited and then went to lunch. It was on our way to lunch  I realized I did NOT offer Angela COFFEE!!!!! Can you believe it? I always offer company coffee. Well, I can't say that now can  I?  Anyway we got a good laugh about it. I am sure you are familiar with their blogs.Thru Nana's Window . Holly's Hobbies and Darbee Days
BTW, Holly doesn't drink coffee, but she could have had a glass of tea! If you should come to visit and I am remiss again, please say I always enjoy being with them. Darbee Rae is just precious. She really is just a well mannered, delightful little girl.
I am so happy with the weather the last couple of days. Mid 60's, how could you not be happy? After all the cold days and all my complaining I just am happy as can be. I had a student once who was just a pistol but soooo cute. If he thought you were upset he would start singing," Happppppy Day", as loud as he could, SO I have wanted to be like John today and just sing Happy Day.
After I put my hearts away, I thought it looked a little bare. Especially the mantle. So I stuck my little chalkware rabbit in the middle of the tray. It is one I bought in a little shop in Springfield Il, called Fizziwiggs. It closed and the owner moved back to Ma and I believe she told me she was going to work at the Seraph. Anyway she made this little fellow and I think he is so cute.
A bit of spring in other places. Not much but it is enough to brighten a space. Here are a few pictures.
Lambs say spring, don't they? I love the face on this one, that Sharon made a long time ago.
Another bitty little chalkware bunny. I love this Sebastian figurine. It is a family sitting around the fire listening to Dad read a story. It is called, A Family Reads Aloud. I have been thinking I am going to put my Sebastians back out. Somewhere. I really  like them and I have had them packed away for a long time. They depict Early America.
Well that is it. I will wait awhile to put out anything else. When are you all putting out spring?
Angela brought me a beautiful heart pillow she had made. It says: "Things I love" and has all of them listed. She said she did it a long time ago and was reluctant to give it to me now because it has Dasko on it. That just made me love it more.
I think it is just perfect and it is so true, I love everything on it. This is where I put it.
This chair holds some special things. A pillow made by Sandi, A basket of wool sent to me by Audrey, and now this heart. The chair should hold special things, as it itself is very special. You know the story.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Look what I saw peeking their little heads out
The bank is full of them. Isn't this exciting?
PSS: I hope the weather where you are is getting better. This has been a horrible winter for all of us.Hasn't it?
PSSS: Lets please continue to pray for our fellow bloggers who are still having some hard time.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

February So Far Through My Back Door

Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door. What a week it has been here, but I won't complain because it could have been much worse. I will just share. Oh goodness get your coffee, we are back to DD because the Death Wish Coffee is gone. There are no sweets, and it will be that way for a while. When I am stressed or house bound I eat. When I am happy or sad I eat. When life is not so good I eat and when it is good I eat. I eat, I eat, so pounds have been added. 6 in all and they have to come off or I will not have any clothes to fit. You know how it is, 5 here, 5 there and all at once you notice nothing fits. So anyway there will always be coffee but no sweets for a while. Now that I have confessed, on to the past week.
On Monday my oldest son Doug, called me and said he was in the hospital in Johnson City. He had a suspected heart attack and they were going to do a heart cath. He hadn't called me earlier because he didn't want to worry anybody. I could have wrung his neck right then and there!lol Not to worry, I didn't. Deb, Michael, and I went up there.(It is an hour and 45 minutes away) To make a long story short he had a "substantial blockage" in the main artery in front of his heart and they put in a stent. He is home now and doing well. I am so grateful for prayers that went up for him. I knew he felt okay because he was a bit grumpy because he hadn't gotten to But yes he had had a heart attack. Thank goodness Douglas was up there to bring him home because they discharged him on the day we had the biggest snow in 18 years.
Cooking his frog legs on Christmas day. He is a good cook but what a mess he can
On Wednesday we got our big snow. They were predicting it to be a wet snow with power outages, so Deb wanted me to come down there. They have gas heat, where I have a heat pump. So off I went. I made sure Boo was taken care of. Well did it snow! It snowed and snowed and snowed. It was beautiful, but in case you didn't know, I am over winter. I want spring time, well really summer with buckets of geraniums and sweet tea on the porch. First however, I have to let winter run its course.
I was gone, but my wonderful neighbors, Jackie and Phil, took pictures of my house. I was elated because I was bummed I wasn't home to take them. We got around 7 inches.
Mollie and Andrew really enjoyed playing in it. Actually I think their mama and daddy did
Today is Amanda's birthday. We had her dinner at Debs last night. She ordered pinto beans, fried potatoes, and macaroni and cheese, along with cornbread of course. Andrew was NOT happy and he ate vegetable I do want to wish her a Happy Birthday and Amanda I am so proud of the woman you have become. I knew you would be a wonderful person, but you have exceeded any of my expectations. I love you. You have more courage and strength than anyone I know, and your grandmother has learned a lot from you.
Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. Some blogging buddies from out of state are coming to visit. Yes you know them and more will follow next We are going to lunch but haven't decided where yet. Maybe Lulu's Tea Room. I am sure there will be pictures to follow.
Another surprise to me was Dodd and Renda called and asked if I wanted to go on another trip real soon. Of course I said yes. Then he told me we were heading to Gettysburg, Hershey, and other places. I just hope the weather Of course it will be a few weeks. It is something to look forward too, especially as Deb gave me a Coach carry on and some wonderful organizers to use when I just needed somewhere to go.
I have put the hearts away,(that I don't keep out all year) and my house looks sort of sad. I have a question. Are you all changing your decor in anyway? Perhaps less and more color? I love color
Last Saturday there was a baby shower for my granddaughter Lindsay. This is her mama, Deb, Linz and me.
She is expecting a little girl in about 3 weeks. She is Doug's daughter.
Yesterday was Clay's sister little boy, Blake's first birthday. We went to his party.
He loved his cake and would just clap when we all laughed at him. He is one of the prettiest little boys I have ever seen. His big sister Emmy(almost 3) would help open his presents and squeal,"Mommy look what Blake got". It was so much fun.
The first Saturday in February we went to Chattanooga to Gabes party. It was a riot! So many kids and he was having a blast. These young mothers go all out to make these kids parties memorable.
His was construction themed and absolutely the cutest.
I don't have a picture of his cake but it was huge and looked like a construction site. His mama is so talented. I tell you I love this smile. His grandma(in the picture with Linz) has red hair.
Anyway that has been what is going on Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: The sun is shining bright here this afternoon and high 60's are coming next week. Can you guess I am smiling?
PSS:My package I sent to Afghanistan finally reached it's destination
PSSS: Ahem, a couple of my FB/blogging friends have blamed this last storm down East on me. Just because it came from  the south. Can you believe that?lol I will say they are much better prepared to deal with it than

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Good evening and I am so glad to have you Through My Back Door. The coffee is on,  (DD decaf this late in the day) and it is always good to have you visit. There is nothing like good friends and a cup of coffee. Or tea, or hot chocolate, or the drink of your choice. Myself I love a good cup of coffee in the evening. It has been a pleasant day today here in East Tn, but I understand we are to get some more snow the first of the week. I can take it if the temps are not teens or single digits. Those single digits about did me I told someone those temps  had messed with my good personality and they laughed! In disbelief!lol Trace did a post on her favorite things and I thought why not follow her lead. Nothing like copying someone who knows what they are doing.Granny Trace Scraps & Squares.
Anyway a lot has happened in the last week here. Peyton didn't get another super bowl ring, Deb had a birthday, a special friend of mine passed away, and I worked at the Speckled Hen today. I hadn't done that in quite a while. I must say it was fun seeing all the new things as well as the people.
 Valentines Day is next week so I am sharing one more heart. It is a heart made of stone. The worlds best son in law bought Deb and me one. 
 This is a heart stepping stone beside my front porch. I love it. It was almost dark when I took this, so I apologize for it not being such a clear picture. It is one of my favorite things.
Before I go onto my  favorite things and reds, I want to share this picture of Mollie. She spent the day with me yesterday and found my basket of wool Audra had sent me. Tombstone Tidings
She loved it. SO I snapped a couple of pictures of her.(Imagine that)
She kept saying, "It is so soft". It really is, just beautiful. Then she started saying,"Baa Baa Black Sheep". The basket has some dark wool in it. She is definitely one of my favorite "things".lol

  Winter door box and red door.  Deb was reading where red doors were the sign of hospitality long ago. I hope people still think that today.
Not red, but some of my favorite things.
Red settle made by a now deceased friend. I love this little thing
My dinner bell that my Daddy bought.
My old red smoke house.
My cow bell. I think you know the story.
Red shutters and a red pump in the snow. Oh I have lots more reds and lots more favorite things, but I think you are tired of seeing it tonight, so thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Thanks  for Debs birthday wishes. She had a wonderful birthday
PSS: I hope spring comes soon, especially for you all who are measuring your snow in feet. I can't believe I have the nerve to complain when you all are dealing with that. However my friend Lyn Dee says, they are equipped to deal with it and in the south we aren't.
PSSS: I have a problem, I sent a package to Afghanistan almost 4 weeks ago and it isn't there yet. I am so afraid it is lost, and I really wanted this young man to receive it. I am bummed
I need to add one more thing that has very quickly become a favorite. My jar of memories or praises.
Can't tell you my family, how much this has meant to me. It has become my favorite thing.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Deb

Good morning and it is so good to see you on this happy morning. Come in, get your coffee and sit down. I want to share this special day with you. Ok? 53 years ago today at 1:40 pm, God gave me the gift of a baby girl. She was the gift that just keeps on giving. You see there wasn't a way to know the sex back then and every birth was a surprise. (I kind of see both ways now, but it was nice being surprised too) Well we already had a son, Doug who was 2 and I wanted a girl. BADLY! I kept saying over and over, "I know its a girl!" Curtis and my Mother were quite worried about it. I had nothing but girls stuff, new, and a name for a girl. NO boy name at that time. Well, as you can see I was right! She was a beautiful girl who grew into an even more beautiful woman. Those of you who know her will agree. She is not only beautiful on the outside but more beautiful on the inside. Not to sound trite, (and again if you know her you will agree) she is the most loving, caring, generous people I know. I am so proud of her and who she has become.
She married a fine Christian man and has a beautiful family.
She is always there to lend a helping hand. You can always depend on her and she never lets you down.
I am so grateful for this gift  and I thank God daily for her. So today is a special day and I wish my beautiful daughter Happy Birthday. I love you Deb, and God does too.
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.