Friday, August 31, 2012

My Colonial Home's Challenge

Good morning and I am so happy you came by. It is always wonderful to have friends visit. You know the drift by now, and you know where the mugs are, but do you know there are pumpkin squares to go with it? It is the beginning of fall for us, when we have pumpkin squares. One of the things I love about your visit is the fact you make yourself at home. In my opinion  those kind of visitors are the best. Dasko loves it when you come by too, so come on in and lets visit, and I will tell you about Karens challenge to bloggers. She wanted us to post about why we started blogging and how we chose our blog name. To read about it run over and check out her blog  MY COLONIAL HOME.
 Well I have my second year coming up in October and it surprises me that I am still around. Never, ever thought I would last this long.I shared once on my blog and then when I was Tammy's SunPorch chat I shared again.Country Girl at Home.
However, if you missed those I will enlighten I was on Debs picture trail and she encouraged me to start my own. She thought I would enjoy doing that. I fought her tooth and toe nail and said I couldn't possibly. Well in the process of trying to do that, I came across how to start a blog, and the rest is history. I thought I will show her what I can  I did it to aggravate her! (I do love my daughter and we have a wonderful relationship) but I have to harass
her every once in a while. I had no idea anyone would follow me, much less read me. Who would care what I had to say? Who would enjoy any of my collections? Who would want to read me? Well, I am humbled by my read alongers, who have become friends. We are like a family rejoicing with successes, praying for one another, and laughing together. Now for the name. When "What is the name of your blog" popped up, I thought name? So I was sitting here.
This is where I am when I am on my computer or reading. I looked around to see what could I name my blog and I saw this.
My back door. Well every one who comes here enters the house this way.(Well that is everyone but the burglars) When you pull up the driveway this is what you see.
So, Through My Back Door , was born. When my family found out about my blog, they not only were surprised, but a little embarrassed I think. Mother will be "telling all" on a blog! Oh goodness!  Now they are my biggest supporters. My grandchildren read it, and my biggest surprise is people in my church have found it and become readers. Dodd, told me the other day he loved having it  to look back on and read. So, not an exciting story, (But it's not an exciting blog) yet, it is how I started and how  I came up with the name. Thank you Karen, for this challenge. It is nice to stop and reminisce about the birth of my blog.I have formed some close friendships through this blog. I have no intentions of stopping right now. You never know how long you will continue something, but as long as I am having fun,  you are still coming to have coffee and visit, my Back Door will be open.
I brought this sieve/strainer back from Daybreak. I have always wanted one since I saw one decorated for Christmas one year.
I hung it above the pantry doors. (No wall space anywhere else)
I took your suggestions and put crocks on the shelves.
Nothing like a big bowl of putkas! Not sure I will leave  the pumpkin in the bowl. Not sure I like it.
A "Fall" shot of the livingroom. I know you think I decorated too early, but I was supposed to have left on Wednesday for Niagra Falls, but we postponed it until spring. So I am finished inside. Still have to do outside. That won't be much.
I have so enjoyed our visit this morning. Hopefully you will continue to come Through My Backdoor where life is good.
PS:Deb is ready for pictures, so definitely next post. I LOVE her bedroom now.
PSS:I want to wish this fellow happy birthday. He is six years old!
PSSS: I also want to wish Renda well. She had her interview in Nashvillle this week, for Tennessee teacher of the year. She is one of the nine who have made the cut for that title. I am proud of her, whether she wins or not.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A"Gathering of Friends"

Good morning and come right on in. The DD is ready and if you want Kona, you can have that too. It is so good to see you and I am so excited about this past weekend. It is a little cool this morning, but I love it, don't you? Anyway if you are comfy I want to share my weekend. Thursday morning I left for Grassy Meadows W. Virginia to go visit my friend Sandi Stevens, at her home, Daybreak Place. Friday eight more of our closest friends and some of their husbands were going to join us for a Gathering of The Primitive Pantry forum members. This year only nine members could make it. We certainly missed those who couldn't and hope more will join us next year. This was the second year in row we have done this. When you tell people you are meeting friends from the internet, they look like a deer in the headlights!lol When we had our first gathering last year Deb and I had met 2 of the members and we were the only ones who had met anyone. That was not a problem! We hit it off like long lost friends and still stay in touch. I am happy that out of the nine members there this year, all but two have visited me in my home.Anyway this is where we "gathered", at the farm, at Daybreak Place.
The girls are all on their phones reading the
I will say the husbands had as much fun as we did.
Marla and Sandi did kitchen duty
This was up at Daybreak. Everyone recognizes this window, I think.
Sandi and I on the porch. We didn't have our coffee out there in the mornings because it was too cold. Can you believe that?
We sat around an open fire, ate, drank coffee and visited. We had a wonderful time and already have plans for next years gathering. Seriously, last year when we met, we clicked. It was like old home week. Some of those who came last year, couldn't come this year. We had 3 girls come this year who couldn't make it last year, and they felt like they had known one another for ever. You just need to experience it to believe it. Marla and Randy drove 17 hours to make it, from Northern Wisconsin. Their son Josh came along. Deb and Michael had a funeral Sunday, so they had to leave early yesterday morning. He had to work late Friday, so they didn't get there until Saturday morning. Drove 10 hours for less than a 24 hour visit. does that tell you how much fun we had? If you haven't checked out the forum, you need to. You could be in that group next year.
Sandi's and Phil's home has been in several publications. She also has a PT. None of the pictures do it justice. None. It is a wonderful old house, that gives you a serene feeling when you pull up in the driveway. They have 3 dogs who welcome you with wagging tails. Mollie, Blaney, and Gracie. Gracie attached herself to me.Literally.
Isn't she a cutie? Sandi welcoming me to Daybreak.
This is up on the hill behind their house.
We all came home with happy memories and new friends. I had never sat around a camp fire so long and had never eaten a meal, other than at a wiener roast, until yesterday.  Toddy, Nicole's husband, made us sausage patties. They had brought their own homemade sausage and it was like eating ground pork chops. I sure wish I had one today! Everyone pitched in, I made breakfast Saturday morning, everyone brought food, everyone cleaned up, it was just a perfect Gathering of friends. We are looking forward to next years. Yes, we do know when and where it is going to be.
I have another trip coming up in September, so I decided to do a bit of fall decorating. This is all I will do inside. I have to keep it simple as I am showing my house. The mantle.
Thanks so much for coming Through My Backdoor where life is good.
PS:We will go to Debs next post. We just haven't had time to do pictures. It will be worth the wait.
PSS:My nose is getting better. I have to wear a band aide all the time and it looks awful. It is healing and the doctor is pleased. (This is for all who have asked)
PSSS: Lets continue prayers for all our fellow bloggers who are under going changes in their lives. Please pray for the right person to want my house too, if you will.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crazy Week, No Field Trip Today

Good morning and come on in.Don't you love these cool mornings? Just right for enjoying a good cup of coffee. Did you find a cup? I love drinking from the redware mugs in the fall. Don't know why, but I do. Its the little things that make me happy. Well we aren't taking a field trip to Debs  today. Like I said this has been a crazy week. Deb has had the kids a couple of days, then I had a cluster of basil cell carcinomas removed from my nose, so no chance to go get pictures. I will soon. I can't wait for you to see all of the changes they have made. Their home was in CS last December, but she has done some changing since. Anyway, after Debs we are going over to Carols. We had lunch together the day after my nose surgery and its an all go, just when I can get it done.
As I said it has been a crazy week, My nose was more involved than I anticipated. I didn't know basil cells had roots. I do now. They had to go deep and then do a skin graft. I look a mess!lol That was the easy part of last week. This was the hardest part for me.
This little munchkin started kindergarten. I had the cutest picture of him on the school steps and it will not download. He looked so cute in his new clothes and his book bag and lunch box. It breaks my heart that he will be gone from us all day every day. I know, that is part of life, but he is my He, on the other hand is ready. It was awesome he says with a big smile, when asked about it.
Andrew started kindergarten and Mollie started Mothers Day Out. Amanda is teaching two days a week there, so she goes with her.
Here she is all decked out for her first day. I think she is the cutest thing ever. Don't you love those pink shoes? She loves shoes already. Makes her mommy, Nonnie, Aunt Beth and I (We all have this thing for shoes)
I did take some pictures of the interior of the Hen for you. My friend Lynne is into brick and architecture, so I basically took these for her, but thought you might enjoy them too. This building is old. Was a barber shop for years and I was told the up stairs was Clintons first library. The apartment at the top is so pretty, I could actually move into it myself. I love it. I wish I had asked Clay,the owner, not my grandson in law, if I could have taken pictures before he rented it. Clay and Barbie are a beautiful young couple who have saved a couple of Clintons old buildings. Anyway enjoy.
Isn't this wonderful? I love it too.
This is the floor in the picture above, Sharon calls the textile room.

One of the highlights of this building is the hand painted mural Sue Curtis did a few years ago, when she had a shop in here. It is beautiful and customers enjoy it. I will get a straight on picture next time.

I hope you enjoyed the visit to the Hen. She will be bringing in some new goodies, so if your in the area check it out. Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I will be putting out some fall soon. I just can't wait. Do have one bit out now.
PSS: Clay and Barbie, the building restorers, have a wonderful booth in Corner Antiques. Stop in and see them.
PSSS: Blogger won't let me upload pictures today. Never had that problem before. So hopefully next time. Anyone else having problems? Let me know if you will. I keep getting a message I need to pay for more storage.  It says I have used all of mine and need to pay for more. Also I cannot leave comments on some blogs. So, if I am a usual for you and you haven't heard from me, that is why. I am SO NOT happy with blogger today.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Good morning. Grab a cup of coffee and come sit down. I just have to share what happened this week. Oh yes, you get your choice of coffee, Kona or DD. Don't you love choices? I do, and am loving my Keurig working so well. It rained here last night and it is nice and cool this morning. Almost has the feel of fall. Almost.
Here is where I blog. My reading nook. I love this corner.

When I started blogging almost 2 years ago, I had no idea what was in store for me. I know we never know, but in this situation it is so true. I had no idea the kindness and generosity of fellow bloggers. None. I had read blogs and seen thank you's, but didn't think too much about it. Never the less when I started, I never expected to meet so many wonderful people. People I had so much in common with. Nor did I expect to make life long friendships. Some of the people and I e-mail everyday. We share and we give advice. I have been blessed to meet several, as you know, and I consider that a gift. I haven't met one person I haven't liked. That is the truth. Well, this week a fellow blogger, sent me into shock! Literally. I had an e-mail from him saying he had sent me a "small" gift. Last year he sent me gourd eggs and some dried okra, so I had no idea what was coming. Let me stop here and say I don't make any thing, not one bit crafty like most of the bloggers out there, so I haven't been an RAK blogger.(Random Acts of Kindness). Maybe I should apologize for that, but I won't. I am not, nor will I ever be crafty. I certainly do appreciate other peoples creations, however, I believe the day  the Lord was handing out talents, I was playing with a dog somewhere. Or something. Anyway I have never done RAK's although I have been the recipient of many.I appreciate each of them . They are out in my house and I think of you when I see them. (Except the coffee and it is long gone.)lol But it certainly was enjoyed. Anyway when I came home from dominoes Thursday there was this huge box on my porch, from Marshel. I didn't get a picture because I tore into it too fast! Like a kid at Christmas! This is what I found inside. I was shocked.
Is she not beautiful? We call her Mother, because he has  a girl and a boy too. Please go over to his blog and read about these portraits. He has wonderful antiques, and lives in his ancestral home.
Bama Planter
I offered to pay him and he said no. He just loved giving and he reads my blog and knows about our year. I could only smile graciously and say thank you. I did try her several places before we found her niche. She hangs right to the left of my reading nook chair, where I can keep my eye on her. Or vice versa
Again I am amazed at the generosity of bloggers. Just amazed.
Well you know how it is. One new thing and you have to move a lot of other things to accommodate the new. That is what I did.
The sconce on the wall was in my bedroom. It and the picture that was above the shelf changed places.
The mirror that hung over the chest is now here.
The picture that hung here, is now here.LOL
So you see what I did yesterday? I tweaked, moving and rearranging.
My friend Carol and I call it playing house. If one of us gets something new,we'll call the other and say"will you come over and play today". We became friends many, many years ago and have remained steadfast until this day. She is one of the finest examples of being a friend I have ever known. Her house is fabulous and I am going to do a blog on all of her quilts she has made. We talked about this last night. BTW you have been on field trips to her house. We go on a field trip to Debs next. They have made a lot of changes, I know you will enjoy. I meant to do that the next post, but just had to share Mother with you.
I want to show you how my turkeys have grown. I hadn't seen them in a week, and they came :home" yesterday. This was taken out the bedroom window. Can you see how they have grown?
There were a lot more, but even though they were a long way from me they sensed a presence. I didn't get the rest of them.
Well thanks for coming through my back door where life is good.
PS:I cannot talk about RAK's without mentioning my friend Lynne, who has been my wonderful blog fairy. (She doesn't like it when I give her credit)We haven't met yet, but we WILL! I just know it. She lives in Wales, but we will meet.
PSS: Two of my grands have had birthdays. I want to say Happy birthday Curt on the 3rd and Happy birthday Lindsay on the 9th. Lindsay missed only a few hours being an 8-8-88 baby, instead she was an
PSSS: Jan over at Life On Buttermilk Hill
has gotten some good news this week. We have all been praying for her son Brian

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh No! Another Post

Good morning and I am so happy to see you. Isn't it fun to have coffee and a visit in our pj's! I have the mugs and the coffee out for you, so help yourself. Come on in and get comfy and I want to tell you I am one happy lady. My new camera is here. When Deb called and told me, I went right down there and got So I have taken just a few pictures to show it
This is the first picture I took, down at Debs. I want to take some and share her wonderful home on my next post. They have a beautiful home and have done it all themselves. Not only that, they have some gorgeous pieces of furniture I will share.
I took some quick pictures here just so I could see how they looked.
I love these gourds. I would like to have some with really long handles. Can't find them around here.

You don't see this recliner often, but it is vital! I use my reading nook if I am not watching TV. That is where I blog, use the computer, and read. Every one needs a reading nook.
I am getting the look from Dasko. He hates medicine and you CANNOT hide it in something. He picks all around it and then leaves the pill/capsule. Anyway he has been on an antibiotic for  two weeks, and then this morning his allergies were horrible. He  woke me up in the night scratching, so I gave him his allergy meds, skipped the antibiotic for the moment, and he laid down and gave me the "look." Usually if he sees the camera, he gets in the way, but obviously he did not "smile" for this
The coverlet looks redder in this picture.
I used to collect bears, but only have a couple of Stieffs out now. I have a beautiful snuggly Steiff put up for Mollie.
Well I hope you enjoyed the coffee and the conversation through my back door where life is good.
PS: I have a few more trips coming up. I am looking forward to them. My sister in law and I are going to Niagra falls and Ohio Amish country. She has been all over the world, but never to these two places. I haven't been to NF either.
PSS: I also am looking forward to spending a few days with my friend Sandi at her wonderful home. I can hardly wait for that.
PSSS: School is either starting or has started. So many of our bloggers are also teachers. will you join me in praying for them? And the students.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Blog Full of Bits N Pieces

Well, I have been on a blogging marathon lately.I don't know why.  I am so glad you stopped by, so lets have a coffee break okay? I am so ready for a cup. Had I known you were coming I would have had the Bunn ready. I had lunch with my friend Alice today and she brought me some coffee called Spring Fever, an English toffee, and I would have shared it. We'll have it next time as I am dying to try it.We enjoyed our lunch at Lulu's Tea Room, here in Powell. It is so nice to visit with good friends. Friends who knew you when. She and I had a good time and some good laughs.
This week, this whole year has been  different. I have learned, (you would have thought I had already learned) what is important. I have  found, and I hope I already knew, there is more to life than decorating. Don't get me wrong. I still have the love of antiques and tweaking. Even though I am trying to sell my house, I still tweak. But, family and friends are top precedent. If you want to read a wonderful blog, written by a young blogger, go here.
Stephanie has her priorities in order. It rained on my face when I read her blog.
Many of you know I worked in Special Ed for 30 years. I was a teaching assistant and had the worlds best job. I swear there times I should have been paying them to let me work, not them paying me. You know the story of my Danny calling me genius. He also called me his "sweetpea". He made it several syllables long when he said it. We had no idea why he called me that. I swear I can still see that smiling face, his hair in his eyes. Oh dear. This week another of our little angels passed away. She was an angel and that was her name. She was 40 years old. Know what? She was still that pretty little dark haired girl to me. It made me think of several of my former students, (I absolutely loved working with those stubborn downs syndrome children. I loved them to pieces) I remember Davena, who always called me Cloe and told me I was crazy! Jerry who always high fived me,Alecia who thought if she pointed her finger at you and hissed, you would go away, and the list could go on, but it won't. I remember so many others who made my day. One telling me I was old as dirt! One who called me and still does(we are friends on FB) baby crowe. I just want to thank each person, each parent who entrusted us with those precious children. Each person who gave me the opportunity to be a part of their lives. What fun we had and those kids will never be forgotten, as they brought so much joy to those of us privileged to work with them.
I hope I didn't bore you with this, but Angels death brought it all back. Some day I will have to share my International Special Olympic experience and attending the Eunice Kennedy Schrivers luncheon.Wow!
My camera is broken. I can't take pictures, but I am going to share some of my friend Sandi's home. Her PT is Daybreak Place and lots of you know her. Enjoy her beautiful home.
It won't be too much longer until I will be having coffee on this front porch.

Sandi, Deb, me, and Carla in front of the old Speckled Hen. Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door today where life is good.
PS: I should have said Sandi's. NO she has no idea I am putting her pictures on here. None at
PSS: I am getting a new camera, so watch out! There will be lots of pictures to show.
PSSS: It is so nice of you to drop by and leave a comment. We are such a close community, we bloggers. If you aren't a blogger maybe you should give it a try.