Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Don't Want to Come Through My Back Door!!

This is a short post to share what is going on Through My Back door, and why you don't want to come through it! I had an intruder of the four legged kind who was NOT invited come to visit me and left behind an offensive odor! I have been out of the house for three days and hopefully can go home by Tuesday. What did come Through My Back door was an ozone machine. It is guaranteed to remove all odors and to leave no residue on my upholstered furniture. In the meantime my Back Door is sealed! Can you believe it?
I am sorry there is no coffee and no chit chat today, but soon you will be welcome again Through My Back Door  where life will be good once more.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Help Light Up My Life

Good Wednesday morning and thanks for coming Through My Back Door. It has been so pleasant here in East Tn the last several days, I am so glad to have you come visit. Of course the coffee is on, grab a cup and I want to tell you how you help light up my life. When you become a follower, or leave a comment you have lit up my life. I love hearing what you have to say and I enjoy all your blogs. So many of you gave me good advice when I began my blogging journey and I want to thank you. So thank you very much.
I think all of us, whether we call ourselves prim, colonial, vintage, or whatever love candles. I know I just can never seem to have enough candle So today I thought I would share some of mine with you. Like my sheep, only one or two have some special meaning, I just like them. Here are a few.

These are just a few of my many candle sticks. I think they just add to any vignette. Don't you? I like all textures. Wood, metal, tin, and pewter. I think I have more pewter than any. The red jack candle was my first really "prim" purchase many years ago. I bought it when I was doing antique show and paid 35.00 for it. Everyone teased me to high heaven, but I have always loved that old thing.
I can't let you leave after looking at the candle holders without showing you the snuffers or wick trimmers.
I hope you enjoyed your visit today. I certainly enjoyed having you. I have lots more candle holders but this is enough don't you think?
I had a great aunt,in Coshocton, Ohio who was so eclectic. She had so much stuff in her house and we all used to laugh when we went there. She might have 5 clocks in one room and none worked, or 6/7 lamps and none worked. Get the picture? Well, it appears that my Aunt Cleona is alive and well in East Tn. The only difference is I call my prim and collectibles! And they all work!
Thanks again for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Betty Had A Little Lamb, or Two

Since the sun is shining in East Tn and the temperatures are rising, I thought it would be a good day to come  Through My Back Door. You have been here enough to know where to find the coffee and the cups, so help yourself, find a seat and lets just chit chat. I know you are as happy about the warmer weather as I am. There has been a change Through My Back Door, that I wanted to share with you. I have always wanted a fireplace and there just wasn't anyplace to build one in this little house. So Debbie and Michael found this one and brought it to me. We are going to prim it up with red, but in the meantime I am enjoying it.
It isn't decorated like I want it yet. Any suggestions?
Now on to the title. I have shared with you before that my Mother always had a pet lamb when she was growing up on"the farm." After she died 10 years ago, I decided to collect sheep in her memory. A couple of years ago I downsized my collection and shared with my cousin in Michigan. Those  of you who have been coming Through My Back Door for a while, know I don't want anything around me I don't just love. I am going to share some of the sheep I just love. Most of them have no story, I just like the way they look.
Deb made the two above when she was going through her wax phase.
See the one on the left, on the next to the last shelf. This one was handmade by my good friend, Carol Brown. She had old cotton from her grandfather's
store. I just love him!

This is an autographed Tomie dePaola book. I love the cover.
Well I don't want to overload you with pictures, but this is just a few of the flock. There are more that I enjoy having around. I'll share them another time.
This is not a sheep of course, but he is the keeper of the flock and my favorite thing! He loves people coming Through My Back Door , where life is good.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's SPICE it up with Mustard

Good Wednesday morning everyone. Since it is so cold here in East Tn I thought what a good day for you to come Through My Back Door. You know I love having you and again help yourself to the coffee and let's just sit and visit.
Today I thought I would share my favorite Mustards. I fell in love with mustard a long time ago and everything that could be painted mustard was.! It was a big joke and do you know what? Those who laughed are now using mustard. I won't call any names, but one had a birthday last week!
There are some who think mustard is drab, but not me. It makes me smile. It is one color besides red, that I just love. So here are some mustard things in my house.

 All my curtains and most of my lamp shades are flax linen from Ginny Currys antiques. I just love the look of them. They are so prim.
Shower curtain, towel and throw pillows are all the flax linen.

All of these pieces were built by my son-in-law and painted by Deb. I have enjoyed them all, but especially that HUGE entertainment center.

 I love mustard candle sticks. You can't have too many. These are just a few.
Just some random mustard items through out the house.

 All the trim in this little house is painted mustard.
Last but certainly  not least are my mustard dishes(On a mustard placemat, with a mustard napkin no less)lol. These dishes were a birthday gift a few birthdays ago from my granddaughter, Amanda. (yes Andrew and Mollies mama). They are truly the gift that has gone on giving! do you see my cat eating on the blanket chest? I just saw
I hope you have enjoyed the mustard today. I believe strongly, that you should only have things and people around you that you love. I also think you should do the what you love. So today I love that you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
The Primitive Pantry is having a give away. Their blog is on my side bar. Take a peep!

Friday, February 4, 2011

It Is RED, so STOP and Visit

Good morning and I am so glad to see you coming Through My Back Door. I have the coffee ready, so get a cup, that's right, just help yourself. Hey, you have been here enough, you should feel right at home. I WANT you to feel and to MAKE yourself at home when you are here. Today since it is February, I thought I would show you some reds displayed through my back door. I have always loved red. The only other person I know that likes red as much as I do is Lori, the Black Crow. You will have to tell me after you leave today if you think I have too much red.
 Red chair. I love this red chair and I sit it in a lot!
Red couch! BIG Red couch! I do like it and this room is never dull. It always looks cheerful. (I would do it again)lol
Red sampler; (yes I did the x-stitch) red tulips in an early red knife box.
Red picture frame and a red pinkeep, from Deb@ Pilgrim and Pioneers.
Red baskets. (Ignore the green firkin)
Red island in the kitchen. I do like red.
Red out buildings. Oh my ! Red is everywhere.
Red porch furniture. I do hope this isn't red overload.
Red table, set for soup supper.
 Stove board with red and white towel and red fly screen.
I hope I haven't worn you out with red. It is not a color every one wants in their home. But it just makes me happy. By now you all know I am all about having only the things and the people around you that you love.
I wish each and every one of you a blessed day. I hope you enjoy it with the people you love and surrounded by things you love. Thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
I cannot close this post without wishing my beautiful daughter Happy Birthday. Here are pictures then and now.

Happy Birthday Deb. You are a blessing to so  many!