Tuesday, January 28, 2014

And The Beat (Temps) Goes On

Good frosty, snowy cold morning and hurry on in where it is warm and toasty. You can have a cup of
Death Wish Coffee!lol It is strong and the first pot I made was a bit too strong for even me. I have mastered it now and it is perfect. I am truly enjoying it. Curt lives in Nashville, so I didn't ask him if he bought it there or on line. So any way try it and see if you like it. If not you can make a K cup or have a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea.I want you to have the drink of your choice. I am so sorry there is nothing sweet, but it is confession time. These cold days I have eaten and have gained 5 pounds. I don't usually share this kind of stuff,lol, but I was shocked. SOoooooo, nothing sweet. Anyway the fireplace is on and we can visit. I have  stuck a few springy flowers out and about.
A close up
My favorite. Boo looking at Tasha Tudors Garden Book.
I shared my favorite vignette in my house on a decorating group on FB that I belong too. I will share it here too, although I am sure you have seen it 100 times.lol In fact a couple of posts ago.lol
This is my second favorite and I see it is very similar!
This is almost a Pam and Frank Hendrix (Civil Folks blog) picture. The sheep, valentine box,and paper feather were all made by them. The glasses are 1800's(early part) and the book a gift from Sue Beck(PrimSues Heart and Home) I do like this.
Amanda, Deb, and  I were all dressed and ready to go out for a girls day. Well SNOW interfered with our plans. We all laughed and said we were all dressed up and Deb said she was having a really good hair day, and everyone who knows me, knows I HATE to waste a face. Make up is just too expensive to waste.lol Oh well, we will try another day. I am out of milk and that never happens here. Hope it doesn't last long . Oh my, I just heard it will stick around a couple of days!!!!! Oh well, guess I'll cook.lol BTW yesterday they said we would get a dusting.lol
Two of my favorite cultery totes. Hearts!
Well my heart is happy that you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I am thrilled to have some new followers. It humbles me to know people actually read  my rambles and if I can make you smile I have accomplished what I wanted too. I have made some really good friends through blogging and I am grateful It seems every time I think about "closing the door", I get a comment or an e-mail that leaves it open. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
PSS: So much heartache in blogland right now. Please continue to pray for fellow bloggers. Some who were missing have returned and I know we are all happy about that.
PSSS: I hope everyone stays safe and warm

Friday, January 24, 2014

This Is The Day

the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. I am trying Lord, really trying, but I really don't like single digit temperatures. I prefer, (and I know You didn't ask me, warmer). I prefer not to worry about my water freezing, which I know the time it did You thawed it when the temp was 6*, and it didn't this time. I prefer not to worry about the animals left out in the cold. I wouldn't even go to Debs to spend the night because I didn't want Boo out, but so many animals are left to be cold. I prefer not to think about the homeless people, nor the people whose electricity has been cut off, or all the other horrible things. I prefer to think happy thoughts, and happy ever afters. I prefer sunny skies with family and friends laughter, not tears and pain. But this is the day You have made and I am going to be glad in it. I really am. Because it is warm happy and the sun is shinning Through My Back Door where life is good. And warm and cozy and the coffee is always on.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Good morning and it is cold here today and going to get colder as the day progresses. I don't mind certain temperatures but single digits just aren't my favorites.lol Come in get a cup of coffee and lets sit by the fireplace and visit. Oh, you can tell I have made some changes and you now have someplace to put your cup when you sit on the sofa. BTW you can have hot tea or cocoa if you prefer. I know all of you aren't coffee drinkers, so help yourself to the hot drink of your choice. I will share a little secret. I drink coffee out of mugs, as well as hot chocolate, BUT I want my hot tea in a china cup! Have no idea why. So you get the cup of your choice, snuggle in and lets talk about hearts.
As you can see I moved the walnut blanket chest in front of the couch again. It hasn't been there in a long time. I also moved the couch back over a foot to make more room where we sit. There is nothing behind the couch now, which is a first. I like it so far.
See. I like it, do you? I also moved the bench back into the kitchen and put a chair where it was.
I had it there during Christmas and got several comments from friends that they liked it there. Well that is it. I moved furniture and cleaned, mopped, etc all day yesterday. I am not used to it and had a few sore muscles to prove it.lol
Now on to hearts. I love hearts. Hearts represent so much to me. So I will share some of mine.
This candle stick lamp is one of my favorites as well as the tin revere lantern with the heart
Love taking food someplace in these. Have a casserole dish not included here.
Love this old brown bowl with hearts on it, remember I found it at a yard sale in Ohio.

Hope you have enjoyed me sharing my "hearts" with you. There are a few more for later. It is wonderful to have you Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Remember in my last post I mentioned bloggers MIA? Well I am happy to report three of them have since blogged. Tammy at Country Girl at Home, Angie from Berry Homespun Primitives, and Jan from Life on Buttermilk Hill. I was so happy to see them posting again.
PSS: Please continue prayers for all our bloggers. Tamra has been cancer free for 1 year now. Thank you for your prayers
PSSS: If you are tired of hearts you want want to read my next post, as I will be sharing more.lol

Friday, January 17, 2014

Life Through My Back Door and Lovin' Red

Good morning and come in where it is warm. It is frosty outside but we didn't get snow. Get a mug, you know where they are and you can have that piece of cherry pie if you like. I had dominoes here yesterday and one of the girls doesn't like cherry pie so there is a piece left. It won't be long until I will open the Christmas coffee from Curt, Death By Coffee. I can't wait to really see how strong it is.lol I do like my coffee and tea strong.
Yesterday was Clays birthday and the family dinner is coming up. He always likes homemade pizza. I always make the dough and it is an all day job. I am going to do that today so it will be ready when we need it. (No pun intended lol) It does take a lot of kneading though.
I had cards last night also. We were kind of on stand by because Fran was having it and they are expecting a granddaughter(their first) momentarily. Anyway, we had it, but they are ready to head to New York regardless of the weather when she comes.Ed just retired from the police department so weather doesn't bother him. I do get my dog fix over there. Love their furbabies and they are so well behaved. You know my card group has played together over 28 years and I remember when this mama to be was born. When our group started we had no idea we would be together this many years, but our bond is strong. We have seen a divorce,(years later a remarriage) 2 more marriages, 7 babies, high school and college graduations, and this year a wedding with one of the children and this new baby. Talk about going through life together! We have also seen deaths of parents and a spouse. They were with me from the get go of Curtis' decline, always encouraging, always there. So, having friends like this is a blessing straight from God.
One of the girls had taken this picture. (You have seen it before)  I guess I am saying to you younger girls make friends and keep them for life. They are a constant and love you when you are not lovable.
However, you always know they have your back.lol My domino group has played going on 4 years.
Life Through My Back Door has been good, since I got over my cough. I was told that it was a "form" of the flu. I am glad it is gone. I am ready to feel good and get some projects going here.
I did get a few hearts out. I will share them later. However if you have been reading my blog very long you know I love RED!!!! Here is a bit of red from Through My Back Door

I never see a picture of my bed that I don't think of when Country Sampler was here filming and Bill called Gloria in to see the shot of the bed and she said,"It looks like a runway!"lol He did some changing and met her approval.
Well I think you have seen all you really want to see today. I will share some more later, but I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I want to share something good. Many years ago in the rural community we lived in, which I have shared stories with you about, I kept a beautiful little baby girl. We loved that child so much and Deb and I have wondered about her over the years. Well Deb found her mother on FB and we have reconnected. Ursula is a mother herself now, and we are all going to meet as soon as we can. Deb and I are so excited. I LOVE FB!
PSS: Please keep praying for our fellow bloggers. Lots of them are having some difficult times.
PSSS: Again I am humbled by your coming Through My Back Door

Monday, January 13, 2014

Life Is Good (and so much warmer)

Good morning and come in, have a cup of coffee and lets just sit and chat. I have the fireplace on and we can have a cookie also. I need to quit eating sweets and start trying to be healthier. A lot of my friends are doing just that. I have such a sweet tooth, it isn't funny. Also I think life is short so eat dessert first! Anyway, it is so much warmer here and that makes me a happy camper. (I am so not a camper, never have been, never will be. Don't know why I used that expression)My idea of camping is at least a 4 star hotel!lol Anyway I am so happy you stopped by. Today I am going to play house.  I want to do some "tweaking". I have to do some cleaning.lol Do you know I don't think I ever used that work(tweaking) until I entered this world of prim/colonial decor.lol  Here is what I want to do. I need to do something with my stove board. I want to put an arrangement on my table that is different.
 My stoveboard has been like this forever! I need to gussie it up! I am getting ready to get my hearts out. I LOVE hearts and I know a lot of people think they are 70's-80's decor, but I love them. I think of how the heart symbolizes so many different parts of our life. Love, home, children, most of all God. As the song said, "You Gotta Have Heart." So slowly my hearts will come out and be placed. One heart stays out all year on my wall of love, which has changed a bit.Not that I loved what I took down any less, it was just time for a change.

This heart stays out all year long and will always hang. I did a bit of change last week with my sieve.
Angels from Trace, OLM and Amanda and Beth. I call this Angels Watching Over Me Oh Lord.
My friend Alice brought me this last summer when I had my colitis attack. I think she is perfect there.
I kept this basket of wool back by the spinning wheel, but was showing it to someone and thought this is too pretty to be hidden, so I like it here. It is so soft and beautiful.Tombstone Tidings.
Go visit Audra at her blog and see her beautiful sheep. I am just in awe of all she does. I also won a book from her and it was an Erma Brombeck, whom I loved her columns as a new mother. I have enjoyed it.
I am horrible at vignettes, as you know, but this is one of my favorites.

 Not sure, I am going to leave this.

Time to get this out. Remember I had 2 of these eaten by Hillary, my rottie before Dasko, and I found it on Amazon last year. It is by Mary Emmerling.
Just a taste of "hearts" to come. My heart is filled that you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
I have to show you another picture taken by my neighbor Jackie.(Yes the Halloween cookie neighbor)She took this today, before I got up. Look at the reflection in the creek.

PS: I just want to encourage you to pray for so many. I have never heard of so many seriously ill people. Young people as well as older.
PSS: I am so happy for warmer weather. Are you?
PSSS: I don't know about you all but there are a lot of bloggers MIA. I have missed so many and some I have e-mailed and they don;t go through. We are a close net work in blogland so please know you are missed.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oh My 2*

Good morning and I should say good early morning. Come on in and have coffee with me. It has been so cold here since Sunday night. We are just not prepared for this kind of weather. It is 11* as we speak and that is warm compared to yesterday.It was 2*! My goodness, it had been years since it has been this cold. Wish I could say I was here.

But I am here! This is looking out my front door
My neighbor took this one looking from her house to mine. The creek separates us.
Happy  you came Through My Back Door where life is good even at 2*

Monday, January 6, 2014


Hurry in where it is warm and get a cup of coffee. We haven't opened the Death By Coffee, yet
We have to finish the Kona first. I would like to try it soon though. Like everyone else I am trying to stay warm today. It is 22* here and snow. If I can keep my electric I don't mind the cold. We have a bit of snow too and it is pretty. The world here is very quiet today. No traffic at all. I am concerned for all the folks who are in really cold regions today. I pray for the safety of all those who have to be out.
I am certainly enjoying my jar. You can tell each of them took time to really remember things. I laugh out loud at some, smile at some, and have teared up when reading some. If you can give this gift to someone I strongly suggest it. It just keeps on giving and doesn't cost a thing.

i put all of my decorations away the day after Christmas. It is a good thing, because I got sick and wasn't able to leave the house for over a week. It would have driven me crazy looking at them and I in turn would have driven my family crazy. So glad that was avoided.
Amanda made me another calendar for Christmas. I love them and would have been disappointed if she hadn't. They are another gift that keeps on giving.
Love Mollie holding her dress up so you can see her boots. A few pages
I have not written on these in the past, but decided I would this one. It will be a diary of sorts. I have calendars from when my kids were home.
Since I was sick I haven't done much in the decorating after Christmas. I did get my mantle done.
Not sure it will stay this way, but it is for now. Those of you who know me, know what a hard time I have doing the mantle and vignettes.
Changed places with the red chair for a while. I didn't use a coffee table either. That may change.
I needed something to set this light on. Remember I had eyed this forever at the Hen before I bought it.
Well I am so glad you dropped in this cold morning Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I do miss my buddy. When I need a fix I go over to this blog rottrover.
PSS: Please stay in and stay safe.
PSSS: Lets keep praying for our blogging buddies. I pray 2014 is a wonderful year.