Friday, May 25, 2012

Prim goodies

Good morning everyone and come on Through My Back Door, yes we have coffee, any kind you want. I have to get out and find some DD in this size. I love the Keurig, but I miss my DD coffee. So far I have a lot of Newmans Own and Green Mountain. My mission is to find DD and I have been told I can get it. I haven't had time to go to Walmart yet. I will hope to have it next time you visit. Another birthday has come and gone. What fun. I had a wonderful, relaxing day. Just what I needed. Deb and I spent it together, laying at the pool, having lunch, and then  dinner. The night before my birthday Curt, who is getting married in July, and I went to the Nursing Home and then out to Olive Garden for dinner. Some of you in blogland know, others do not, that my husband of 54 years is in a Nursing Home and has been for going on 6 years. I don't talk about it, it is what it is. He is contented and safe. The safety part being most important. I don't think for one minute God did this, but I KNOW God provided the way for him to be cared for.  The sad thing is, he doesn't know us. Curt of course is named after him and they have always been very close, so it is sad for all of us, but especially the grands. They were all so close to him. Anyway Curt and I had a wonderful dinner and got a chance to really visit.
Another trip is coming up soon. I will be going to the beach with Dodd, Renda, and Olivia. Seth, poor baby, had to work. I just love spending time with my family. They are good to give me so much of theirs.You know time is the one gift you give, that you never get back. We will do another birthday celebration there. It just keeps on I wanted to show you my prim gifts. I was so excited and surprised, when Sharon,(Speckled Hen) gave me this wonderful floor cloth.
It is perfect. I had put my blanket chest over in front of the sofa,but it hid too much of the floor cloth so I had to rearrange.(Now isn't that sad? lol)
This is a close up. I was going to buy it, she knew I wanted one, but I hadn't told her I was going to get it.  I was so surprised and so HAPPY. I moved the blanket chest back where this table was.
My friends, Marcia and Jerry, who own Corner Antiques gave me these beautiful pewter Mint Julep cups. I love them! They are so pretty. I put them on the table in front of the sofa.
 I found this beautiful old coverlet piece at Corner Antiques, along with these clay pipes for my box. It is really a knife box, but I put these pipes in it. I thought this coverlet was such a pretty faded red.
The pipes
This box I found on the Longest Yard Sale one year. You can't really see the beautiful red color it is. It is one of my favorites things.
Well I will show you what is on the small walnut blanket chest, that was in front of the sofa, but now against the wall.
The pewter measure was a just because gift from my friend Dottie. The pinkeep from Eve and the make do bowl is from the Seraph. I have had the old cheese crock for years.
The Speckled Hen has a new piece of to die for furniture to bring in. It is not new, (just to them). I absolutely love it. You will too.
They had just unloaded it and I had to see Isn't is spectacular? It will look so good with some old wood bowls in it, won't it?
I must get my day started, but I am so happy you came Through My Back door where life is good.
PS:Have a safe and memorable Memorial Day. Pray for our military and their families, as well as our blog buddies that are ill.
PSS:My house loves the flag. I love that dog too.

PSSS: I will leave you with a smile. Mollie was worn out after making a huge mess with the

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fourth Quarter

It is so good to see you coming Through My Back Door today. The weather is quite warm, but it is nice and cool in the house. You can choose your own coffee. I am having Newmans Own. Get a cup and coffee of your choice and I will make it for you. There has been a lot going on here and it is nice to just sit and visit. No, we aren't watching a football game. I knew you would think that with the title.  We are talking life here. A few months ago I had a couple of high school friends for lunch. Remember?
We were discussing how long we had been out of school and how old we were. Well one of them made the comment we are in the Fourth Quarter of our life. (We were the Class of 57 as sung by the Statler Brothers.) Now don't go trying to figure out our ages.We were all child NOT! We were going to be forever young. Most of us got married right out of high school and of my group of close friends we are all still married to the same man today. We haven't all stayed in touch, but we are pleased when we run into each other and take a few minutes to catch up. I think that says a lot about our lives. I had never thought of life in quarters until that day, but the statement has stuck with me. No, I am not wallowing in pity, thinking I am old and my life is over, that the quarter has ended. Nor were they. It was just a moment of truth. In replaying the other three quarters, like everyone else, there are things I would do differently. Things I wouldn't do again, and things I wish I could do again. I am contented where the game of life has brought me. It has brought me to a milestone birthday this week. I am happy to be able to enjoy a birthday. I am thankful for a family and friends who will help me celebrate. My card group had a party last week. What fun! There will be more celebrating, so I will just have fun and not think of the number!lol
This past weekend, Deb, Michael, Curt and I went to Cape Girardeau, Mo to a shower for Curt and Lindsey. If you remember Lindsey, Her Mom, and sister were here in March for one. We enjoyed them so much. Well, they hosted us at their house, along with Beth and Ryan who drove in from Springfield, Il. Beth had met Lindsey, but not her family.Amanda and Clay had plans with his family this weekend, so they couldn't go. If you could have been there you would have thought we had been friends forever.(At least a quarter)lol. You never heard such laughing and carrying on. The guys bonded and all of them went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast while the girls went to the Breakfast Shower. If you want to see pictures go over to Whitneys blog. She has posted some.
Keeping Up With The Bandermann's
Whitney is my blog buddy. You will see pictures of the beautiful shower as well as both families. When I go away Dasko has to go to doggy camp. It is an hour away, one way, but worth the two hours to take there.He has heated and air conditioned runs,depending on the weather, as well as an outdoor run.He is quite comfortable there and she doesn't crate them. She is there almost 24/7. Laura used to raise and show Rotties, so I trust her with him.  She loves him and he gets excited when he goes. I like to think he misses me and won't eat, but it isn't true. He is always happy to see me and get home, but I think he likes going to doggy camp. He got to see an old friend this weekend while he was there. Dasko is such a sweet boy. He is not an alpha dog at all, but he is very protective of me
(Not so much my belongings)lol  There is a beach trip around the corner so he will be going back to Laura's.
All quarters of my life, I have loved antiques. I carried a pitcher and bowl home from Ohio on my lap when I was 12 years old, that had belonged to my grandparents. Would NOT let it be wrapped and packed. Don't know why my parents didn't pull rank and make me pack I am still looking for a couple of things. Don't need them, but would like to have them. I would like a settle and a school masters desk. If I move I might find a place for them. If this house doesn't sell, there is just no room.
One of my favorite antiques is my bed. I love this big old walnut pegged bed.
I have shared before, that it was made in Hawkins county, Tn, about 1835.
I love any southern furniture. I especially like Tennessee furniture. I have a couple of dressers I am especially fond of. They were made in Ohio. One is signed and dated by the maker, and it is walnut too.
There is something about an old handmade piece of furniture, that speaks to me. This was made in Canfield, Ohio, in 1835.
See the quilts in the corner cupboard? They were all done by my Mother and Grandmother, back in the 1920's.
I always loved this one. It is a called Sun Bonnet Sue. At least that is what they called it.
One thing I love to look at is my Mother's old yellow ware bowl. she made biscuits in this. I am so happy to have so many of my family thing. They all have wonderful memories. I am happy to have had three wonderful quarters and the fourth quarter has just begun. We all know it takes a long time to play a quarter, so please continue to come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I want to offer my condolences to Vicki, Out My Window,
She lost her cat of 21 years, Miss Prissie today. We all know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. We are so sorry Vicki
PSS: I have a few new goodies and some more old quilts to share next time
PSSS: Please continue prayers for our blogging buddies who either they or someone in their family is fighting cancer. Amanda is doing wonderfully. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A New "Kid" in Town, and Other Stuff

Good morning. As you can see I didn't get to go to church this morning, as I have had an allergy attack and cough, cough, cough. I knew If I got in a warm room with people it would be a disaster. However, I am happy to have you drop by and visit, as I am not contagious. Oh yes the coffee is on. But wait! There is a new kid in town! Or should I say pot? Yes my wonderful daughter in law insisted I get a Kureig!
There were two boxes of coffee with it too. Isn't this a wonderful color? I love it and had coffee in it this morning. Now you can choose your flavor! I like Green Mountain coffee and there is that too. I will look for DD and Kona for it. Anyway, I was so excited, as it will be so nice to have it when I just want a cup. I told you I had a wonderful daughter in law. The rest of the story is, they weren't supposed to do anything for me as they had just surprised me with 2 new tires and  new brakes on my car. I had the two front ones replaced earlier,and there weren't many miles on them. They had been run low on air. Who would do that? Heaven help Anyway this was last week. God has blessed me with the most wonderful children.
Deb has invested in one of those fancy embroidery machines so Mollie can have monogrammed clothes! Well the rest of us have benefited from it too. That girl can do anything. I am so proud of her.She and the worlds best s-i-l are always taking me places and doing nice things for me. It is Mothers Day year round with Deb. Anyway, this is what I got from her.(I promise I won't bore you with all the gifts, but want to share a few).
Can you see my name? She puts my name or inital because my monogram is bCs.(my s-i-l, always says college bowl series, when he sees it)lol  It had something in it.
This luxurious spa robe! It is so soft.  I will enjoy it for a long time.
I love flowers and two of my grands gave me a dozen roses. Seth and Olivia. Seths girlfriend Ashley also gave me a dozen.
Aren't these beautiful? Amanda gave me a manicure, and also made me a necklace with the childrens picture. Remember my Nov break in? They took 3 necklaces with pictures of Andrew, Andrew & Mollie, and Beth and Amanda. Also one of me when I was a child hanging on the prettiest pink pearls. (Renda insists they should have been nice and mailed those back to me)lol  Here is the new one.
After all my jewelry was stolen, Deb gave me a silver locket. Amanda put pictures of the kids in it. Every time Mollies sees it, she says, "Baby, Baby" and wants to open it. When she sees my cell phone she says"Dasko, Dasko." Let me clue you she doesn't like Dasko in real
Well this was a different Mothers Day than the year I got the Dodd certainly has redeemed himself, with help from
There hasn't been much going on Through My Back Door this week as I have not been at the top of my game. Recovery is on the way and the games are beginning. We are heading to Missouri soon for a wedding shower. Then off to the beach for a week. I can't wait to see the beautiful Emerald Coast.
I have bought a few smalls but will share those when I share my quilts, next post. I also had to do a bit of changing. I have always had something under the window in the kitchen. When I wanted to raise the window, I would have to stretch and make all kinds of Last week it hit me. DUH! What do you think? The first is before, the second after.
I really like this better. It isn't as crowded as it looks. I don't have any walls separating, kitchen, dining and living room, except a short wall. When I need the arm chairs I just scoot them around. Makes is so much easier.  I love my table with the gourd eggs, but moved them over on the shoe foot table. This is one of my 2 New England pieces. As you know almost all of my furniture is southern, but I love NE. I have a blanket chest also. Well, I hope I haven't bored you with my post today. I don't usually show gifts, because they are so personal, but thought these were okay to share. It always make me happy when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Amanda is doing so good. One of her gifts to me was a beautiful letter she wrote to me. I took a picture and was going to share it, but I couldn't. It was too personal. Yes, it made me cry. That girl has so much love and is such an inspiration to everyone. She reminded me of the statement I made, when she went for the biopsy. I told her if it came back cancer, they might as well take me out and shoot me. I had forgotten that. I didn't think I could bear her being ill. You know what? I didn't like it, but God gave me strength to handle it. He always will
PSS: I want to give a shout out for my granddaughter in law to be. She graduated from the University of Mo. Nursing Program with honors. I, as well as the rest of the family, are proud of you Lindsey. We love you
PSSS: I promise I will try to get back on track and away from so many family and personal posts. I just like to share a bit of my life with you now and again. One day I will share the reason, why my family is such an important part of my everyday life.

Monday, May 7, 2012

An Unusual Mothers Day Tribute

Good Monday morning everyone. We are still having Kona and I am happy to see you. I did some tweaking and then changed it all back again. Do you do that? I did fill a few holes in the wall. Does that count? I have someone coming to look at the house again and need to get busy, but would rather visit this morning. I am so happy you came Through My Back Door this morning. Next Sunday is Mothers Day and like all of you I could write this wonderful tribute to my Mother, which I did last year. This year I want to thank some other Mothers. I don't know about you, but my gratefulness lies in the blessings my grandchildren have wonderful Mothers. It is such a relief to know they are well cared for, loved and taught right from wrong. So I thank the Mothers of my grandchildren.
Deb is a good Mother and lives to make her childrens lives as good as they can be. Still. Even though they have all left the nest. These are the girls.
The whole Jenkins family minus Ryan. I am blessed to have Amanda and her children. Amanda is an awesome Mommy. when she was diagnosed and was starting chemo, she told Deb and I, she did not want us making the children be quiet, because Mommy was resting. She did not want us not letting them come back into her room when they wanted too. she said they would not understand and she wanted life to as normal for them as possible. We adhered to her wishes.

This is their family last year. Aren't they a beautiful family?
Next I have to tell you about my daughter in law Renda. She is  the mother of Olivia and Seth, and Dodds wife. She is a wonderful Mother. She has so much energy she puts me to shame.She is a teacher and is well loved by the students.
This is not a good picture, but it is the one I Olivia and Seth are both into drama. Olivia also sings.
Renda and Olivia! Renda is the one who got me my first computer and digital camera. She makes me humble, by telling me I have been her role mode, something I don't deserve. But I love her for it. She is beautiful inside and out.
My next Tribute is to Kristy. Kristy is the Mother of three of my grandchildren. Unfortunately she and my son are no longer married. That doesn't affect my love for her and appreciation of her being a good mother. We are still close and I love her.
Here she is with Lindsay. She is the mother of Lindsay, Dustin and Douglas. Douglas is the father of my other great Gabe.
Kristy and Gabe. He has red hair like her and she is thrilled with that!lol
When Kristy and Doug divorced my friends told me I wouldn't get to see the grands often etc. She was never that way. Always considering our feelings and and always giving us holidays. She is a special Mother and I love her for that. She was always a clean freak. You could eat off her floors. She was very young, but you could. One day Douglas dropped something on the floor at my house. She picked it up very quickly and said,"Your grandmother has a lot  virtues Douglas, but you can't eat off her floors!" I will never forget that! (Nor will I let her)
The last Mother in my tribute is Anastasia. She is the mother of Gabe.
If you remember Gabe was born 3 months premature and started life in the NICU. Look how he has thrived due to his Mommys care.
I know this is an unusual post, nothing to do with decorating or prims. You have been coming Through My Back Door for a long while, and I wanted you to meet my family. I wanted you to see the wonderful Mothers who love, nurtured, and took care of my grandchildren. To meet the Mothers who are taking time to raise my greats. I love them and just wanted to say Thank You.
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:I cannot end this post without thanking the Mothers of my in laws. They have all gone on to their rewards. Michale, Renda, and Kristy, I love your Mothers for the people you are. Happy Mothers Day to every Mother in blogland.
PSS: I will show you my one purchase at the Clinton Festival Sat. A pinkeep made out of an old brown and white coverlet piece.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mustards, Reds, and a little Blue

Eve over at Lee Hill Primitives was showing her blues today. BTW, she is the supplier of our coffee tonight , good fresh brewed Kona. Lets use the mustard cups, do you want too? I have some sugar cookies too, so help yourself. Anyway back to the blues. I have used mustard for years. Long before it became an in color. I just love it. It says old.
My 4.00 yard sale chair. Of course that was a few years ago.
Mustard curtains. The same kind all over the house. Mustard lamp shade, but you can't see it.

Mustard wood work. Well you get it I have a lot of mustard. We won't even get into red. I have so much red, and you have seen a lot of it. I won't bore you with that. Blues, I didn't think I had a lot, but when I started looking, I had several blue item. I had sold two of my blue pie safes, but I still have a little blue.
A Blue corner cupboard, built by the worlds best son in law and full of books.
A piece of old blue coverlet. It was initially going to be  made into a pillow.
This blue collar is pretty special. Well the fellow wearing it is.
This old blue frame hold one of my favorite pictures. A barefoot boy and his dog.
My very first Cross stitch.
Childs Blue willow tea set.
My paternal grandmothers sunbonnet, made from a feed sack. She is the one who had the mirror.
Well I have shared a few of my favorite blue things. I am "yearning" for some more blues.
Yesterday brought another RAK. I am humbled by these,as I do nothing to deserve them. This one was given by someone who didn't want any recognition.
Yes, I know the middle spoon is This was made by Jen at
She does wonderful work and this is a perfect red. I really like it. BTW can you see the nail holes I need to fill, from a previous lantern hung there? Go over to Jens web site and check her out, would you?
I am so glad you stopped off Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I am going to share some of my quilts with you soon. Most were made by my Mother and Grandmother'
PSS: Tomorrow is the festival. Clinton was full of people today. It has become quite the antique place
PSSS: Don't forget to continue to pray for our blogging buddies that are fighting some serious health issues. Some of them have family members who are ill too and I know bloggers are prayers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Enjoying, Embracing , and Enlightened

Well, hello. did you smell the coffee and decide to stop by? I am so glad you did and you know what? It is KONA! Come on in, grab a mug, and let me share not only the coffee, but where it came from, with you. I played dominoes today. Those of you who know me, know I love playing games almost as much as I love primitives. When I got the mail, this was in the mail box!
I was so excited. Let me clue you, I was even more excited when I opened it.This is what was inside. Can you believe it?
So this is the coffee I am sharing with all of you. It is so good, and if you haven't tried it. You should. Then this beautiful pinkeep. I absolutely love pinkeeps. This one not only looks beautiful, it smells so good. I love it. Where did this come from, you are wondering. I know you well it is from Eve over at Lee Hill Primitives. 
Here is a close up of  the pinkeep.
This is where I have it for now.

Go check her blog out and let her know you enjoyed the coffee. You know a gift like this warms your heart each time you pour a cup. So, the Enjoying part, is the wonderful gift from Eve.
Vacations are right around the corner. It makes me so happy to travel with my family. Deb, Michael, Dodd, Renda, and I usually go to the beach in June. This year it is going to be a little different. Instead, Dodd, Renda, Olivia, and I are going, in May. Deb and Michael can't go because of some other things going on. Michael can only get so many days vacation, and we are going to Disney in June. Michael, Deb, Amanda, Clay, Mollie, Andrew, Beth, Ryan, Curt, Lindsey, and I. We are going to celebrate Amanda's recovery from the chemo, surgeries and as a reward for the whole family. I am so looking forward to that. Also in June we are going to Ill as Beth has finished her residency. We are going up for her banquet.Deb, Michael, and I. She has signed with a group of Internist and will practice in Il until Ryan finishes his orthopdeic residency. I Embrace the time spent with my children and grandchildren.July brings a wedding in Mo. August a TPP Gathering in W. Va, and September a trip to Niagra Falls, Toronto, New York City and who knows where we will be. My sister in law and I are taking this jaunt. We have such a good time when we travel together. Hopefully back to the beach in late September, with Michael and Deb. See what I mean. VacationS are just around the
When blogger changed its format, I was devastated. I couldn't find any icons. Well Lynne and Libby got me on the right page. I finally sent Libby pictures of what my screen looked like and my screen was so big, it was not letting the icons show! Can you believe it? I bet everyone in blogland thought I was stupid, when I It really is a change for the better. Well, see, now I am Enlightened! At last!
I haven't been home enough to do any more tweaking.I have some plans, but haven't followed through. Want to work on the porch and the patio tomorrow. I'll take pictures.
I do want to share a picture of Mollie.

She had on Amanda's hat and that is my phone. she is looking at Dasko's picture on the screen. She'll get it and say, "Dasko, Dasko". Don't let that fool you she doesn't like him up close and
This Andrew and I at his Easter Egg hunt. Isn't he growing? He will be in kindergarten this fall. He is my buddy and is the sweetest little boy, and he can say the funniest things.
Thought you might enjoy my friend Sandi's spring table decor. She can make a strong statement with elegant simplicity.
Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Remember this week end is the Clinton Spring Festival. Food, streets closed with vendors, sales. If you are in the area I know you will enjoy it. Like I have said before, go by the Hen and Corner antiques. They would love to see you. Tell them I sent you.
PSS: I want you all to know I love you coming through my back door, having coffee, and visiting.I do enjoy your comments I read every one. Thank you for taking time to visit.
PSSS:Again I can't close with out asking you to continue pray for our fellow bloggers who are still fighting their battle with cancer. Still taking chemo and radiation, so they really need us not to quit.