Monday, October 31, 2011

In Need of Prayer

This morning my heart is sad, so I am so glad to have you come Through My Back Door. Of course the coffee is on, and I do want you to come have a cup and visit for a minute. I need your prayers for my beautiful granddaughter Amanda. On Friday she was diagnosed, at the age of 29 with breast cancer. We are all shocked, as there is none in our family. She is a wife, a mother, a daughter, granddaughter, sister, daughter in law, sister in law, niece, and friend to many. she is first and foremost a devout Christian lady with a lot of faith. We as a family all live on faith and believe in miracles. right now we are scared. Scared of the unknown, so we solicit your prayers. We are praying specifically that the cancer has not spread. I thank all of you in advance for your prayers and promise updates on here.
I had company this week that God sent. He knew I needed them before I did. Sandi,Daybreak, and Pam and Frank,civil folks blog, came to visit.
The first picture is Sandi, Pam, and me. The last Pam and Frank. I will post pictures of the beautiful gifts Pam and Frank gave us. They are wonderful people and I KNOW God sent them to be here this particular weekend.
I will post more later, and I never wanted my blog to be doom and gloom. It isn't. I just want everyone who believes in the power of prayer,to pray for my granddaughter. I will leave you with a picture,so you can put a face on who you are praying for.
This is Amanda, Deb, Beth and Mollie.
You all know Andrew!
Thank you for coming Through My Back door on sad days as well as happy ones, because life is good.
PS: To each of you who comes Through My Back Door, thank you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Company Coming Down the Road & Other Happenings

It is cold out there this morning, so come on in, get your coffee and sit by the fire. Yes it is electric but I have the heater on,so it is cozy. It is an exciting week end coming up for me. Company is coming down the road! Sandi,DaybreakPlace, is coming from W. Va, and and Pam and Frank,Civil Folks, are coming from Ga. Lot of southernese going on on Through My Back Door this weekend. I am looking forward to it very much. Sandi and I decided we would have pajama day on Sunday. Carol and Deb are coming to visit, but we are holding Anyway, I will take pictures and show you next time. You all know the Speckled Hen in Clinton is my favorite prim store. Well she is getting ready for her Christmas open house next week end. I took some pictures the other day of what is going on behind the scenes. Enjoy! I also want to show you some of the things she has now. She is carrying Rick Hamelin, the Pied Potter's, redware. Oh it is wonderful. I have some of his pieces and they are so neat. I called after I bought some a few years ago, to see if they were dishwasher/microwavable safe, and to my surprise, he answered the phone himself.He was so nice and said yes they were.Here is the cabinet of his redware.
A cabinet full of pewter.
This is a good buy for someone.This is my favorite place! The coffee cabinet!
The Pumpkin Spice and white Christmas are so good!
Anyway if you are wanting a good day trip or girls day out, come on out the first weekend in Nov and see Sharon. Lots of food, wonderful Christmas items, and door prizes. If you do, say hi, I'll be there. I am going to show you a bit of behind the scenes too. then I'll share some changes in my house.
Just because you see boxes, don't think everything is made somewhere else. She and Johnny have worked so hard making a lot of the things for this open house. I promise you will love all the wonderful Christmas goodies. One more picture.
See what I mean! Hope you can come.
Here I have been cleaning up a storm. Not company coming cleaning, but cleaning out closets.
I sold the old blue pie safe and rearranged my reading nook a little. Here it is now. I like it better because it opens up my house more. I will have this chest stripped because the paint isn't original. It is cherry under it and I love wood. This is my New England blanket chest, from Rockingham,Ma.
This is the dining area where the blanket chest used to be.
This one of my other NE pieces, a shoe foot, one board table. I don't change things often, but I have been on a roll!lol
I found this little box when I was cleaning out. I love it.
I know exactly what I am putting in this for Christmas.
Well thanks for coming by this morning and having coffee with me, Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS:I hope you have a wonderful week end and get to spend it with people you enjoy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reflections and Collections

What a cold morning here in East Tn. A perfect time for you to come Through My Back Door, have a cup of coffee and a piece of Linda B(Pine Ridge Handwovens) pumpkin bread. It is delicious. Oh yes the coffee is on and why don't we use the red ware mugs? Don't you think they just say fall? Yesterday it poured the rain and was dreary. Linda e-mailed me and asked what I was doing. I told her it was PJ day, and I was sitting by the fireplace drinking coffee, but had nothing sweet. She replied she had pumpkin bread, so you can guess the rest of the She got into her new red van, brought her pumpkin bread and came over. What a good way to spend a morning.
Guess what I realized last night? I have been blogging for a year. Time really does fly when you are having fun. 168 of you are on this journey with me. I am so humbled, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. When I started blogging it was to harass my daughter! Yes, it was. lol I was on her picture trail and I think she wanted the space, so she told me I needed to start my own. I was appalled.Me? I am so computer illiterate,and still am, but start my own PT? No way. Well somehow and I don't know how, I stumbled across, How to start your own blog, during the process. I thought,hmmmm, I'll show her I can do something. So, I followed the directions, and  the journey Through My Back Door, began. When it asked for a name I thought, name? Then I looked up from where I was sitting and thought everybody comes through my back door. Thus the name. Anyway, as most of you know, Deb and I are very close.Not only are we Mother and Daughter, we are best friends. We shop together, decorate together, laugh together, and yes we cry together. She gets bossy sometimes and I just let I told her she shouldn't spend the money on an I phone, and now I am always the one saying, look it up on your phone.(You would think it was my idea)That is the way we are, so when I say it was to harass her, I don't mean it in a bad way. Anyway I had no idea what the world of blogging would open. None. I have made so many wonderful friends since I started this blog. Some I have been blessed to meet face to face. I have been able to entertain them in my home. Some I wish I could visit with. I have received so many RAKs and won a few give aways. Not just that, it is the feeling of friendship, I treasure. I feel a bond with people I have never,nor probably won't ever meet. I cried when a girl in Ohio lost her Mother. I have cried when a girl lost her husband, when someone loses their home, and when a child makes a wrong decision,I cried when a baby was lost or still born, and when you have lost a beloved pet. I have prayed for people I will never know and can't remember their names now.I have found a friend not too far from me who loves the Lady Vols as much as I do. I have rejoiced when a loved one came home from Iraq or Afghanistan safely. I have cheered when you were chosen to be in a magazine or a book. In other words, I feel a part of your lives and hope you feel the same. So I want to say thank you for this wonderful year that has opened the door to new adventures for me. When you become a follower or leave a comment it means a lot. So that is the story of how I began blogging.
I don't care for silver at all, but I love pewter. Here is part of my collection.
I use it all the time. As most of you know, I want nothing around me I don't love. I  use things I love because that is what they are for.
Why not enjoy them? Don't just set them around to look at. I also used to collect Watt pottery. Haven't bought a piece in years.
A friend gave me my first piece.She has since passed away, but I still think of her when I see my pottery.
Another collection is my candle snuffers.I have shown you them before, but here they are again.
They aren't expensive and fun to collect. I wonder why so many people sprayed them gold? Make them look like brass?
Well thank you so much for coming along on my journey this year. I hope you have gotten a bit of enjoyment from it. I am so grateful you came Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: Oh yes. Next Friday, a week from tomorrow some friends I have met through blogging and forums are coming Through My Back Door. I am so excited. Pam and Frank Hendrix, from Georgia, are coming.They have a blog,Civil Folks, a selling business ShadeTree Primitives, and are living history re-enactors. Wouldn't you like to be here and hear all these conversations? Sandi from Day Break is coming back over too, from W. Va. Guess what? We are going to make a floor cloth! Can you believe it? I am still in shock, that I agreed to that.
BTW I did do my own PT. It is at the top right hand on this page

Monday, October 17, 2011

Me A-Z!!!!! Too Much Information????

Good Monday morning and come on in. I should be doing laundry and vacuumning up dog hair, but I wanted to visit with you all a while. The coffee is on and DD is the flavor today. While drinking my coffee and reading blogs I came across Tammys and Renees.They were both doing this A-Z thing and I thought that might be fun, as  I have never participated in anything like this before. So grab a cup of coffee and I'll share with you. Okay?
A- Age-72 (A woman who will tell her age?????)
B- Bed-1835 Handmade Walnut bed, converted to a queen. It was converted by a machinist and no changes made to the structure. New parts were made identical to the ones taken off. Can be put back to3/4 size.
C-Chore you hate- Washing Windows
D-Dog- Rottwieller, Dasko
E-Essential Start to the Day- Coffee, Bible reading, and Prayer
F-Fav Color-Red
G-Gold or Silver- BOTH
Instruments I Play-A little piano. I wanted to play the guitar and yodel, but my Dad made me take piano
J-Job Title-Retired Special Education
L-Live in-East Tn
M-Make of Car- Toyota Avalon
N-Nicknames-Sp Ed kids called me "Crowe" or"Crowie"
O-Overnight Hospital stay-yes
P-Pet Peeves-People chewing gum really "hard" in public
Q- Quote from movie- Cannot think of a favorite
R-Rt or left handed-Left
S- Siblings- None
T-TV shows- Castle, Harry's Law, &NCIS, are the current ones. Loved the Waltons, I Love Lucy
U-Underwear- Of Course!!!
V-Veg you hate- None
W-What Makes You Late-the dog
X-X-Rays- Yes
Y-Yummy Food I Make-Homemade pizza, potato salad, and homemade apple butter
Z-Zoo Animals-Monkeys and Chimpanzees
This was fun. I hope you don't think it was too much info!lol
Thanks Tammy and Renee for doing this. I couldn't think of a movie quote and I love movies.
I have yet to find time to go see "The Help", but I will.
I have been de-cluttering again. This time closets and drawers. I will make a goodwill run today. I feel better after it is all done.
The leaves are really starting to turn here. I saw this out my window.
They will soon be brilliant as it is supposed to get cold this week. I am having special company the last weekend in October, so I hope the leaves stay on the trees until then. You will recognize them when I tell you who is coming.
I love this picture. Don't ask me why, because I can't tell you. I just do.
Okay we all have a comfortable chair in our house, that we don't always "share." I have a black wing leather recliner. If I have overnight guests only one of us can sit with our feet up, unless one wants to sit over in the reading nook. Alone!lol No more. I now have this wonderful ottoman.
 I love having it and have wanted one for a long time. Yes, it came from The Speckled Hen. Speaking of the Speckled Hen, she is getting ready for the Christmas open house, Nov 4&5. I want to show you this beautiful table, with hand forged nails, that is for sale.
If you are close enough to Clinton don't miss the open house. I'll show you more later. Another exciting bit of news from the Hen, is she is going to carry, Rick Hamelin,the pied potter's, red ware. It is due in this week! Look him up online.He is awesome and has been featured in EAL.
I am getting ready for some big re-arranging. I'll show you pictures soon.
Bittersweet from Catskills in New York.
New fall silks. I thought they were so realistic.
I thought I would share some of the fall on the cupboards. I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: If there is someone you care about that you haven't talked to in a while, give them a call on this beautiful day, and tell them what they mean to you.  I am.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ramblings and Decorating

Good Friday morning and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to see you. I made a whole pot of Pumpkin Spice coffee and need help drinking it. Don't you just love the coffee of the seasons? I have discovered one thing about blogland. For the most part we are coffee drinkers. So many lives have been changed, so many hearts broken, and put back together,  so many blessings shared, and so many problems solved over a simple cup of coffee.  Anyway here through my back door, coffee is a necessity. lol
I am glad you are here this morning and as the title implies I am rambling. Jumping from here to there. The leaves have turned so much since the rain. It is gorgeous outside my window. I took this picture earlier.
Now there are leaves everywhere and the tree outside is almost all yellow. I love the cozy feeling of fall weather, Cool mornings and evenings and warm days.The other evening I turned this on.
I just needed some ambiance and a little heat.
This was a gift from Deb and Michael and it does keep on giving. I can't wait to decorate it for Christmas. Speaking of! I love fall, but I can't wait to get out the Christmas decorations and put up these.
People think I am crazy for even thinking Christmas, but I can't help it. I have been helping my friend Sharon, at the Speckled Hen, get ready for her Christmas open house. Now do you get it?lol
Anyway it will be here soon enough so I best enjoy the now. Do you feel this way? Happy with fall but looking toward Christmas?
One of my favorite things to do is be with my family. I am blessed to have a wonderful,loving family, although we are small. I enjoy laughing together. Yes we cry together too. You know Debs house was in Country Samplers last issue. We were overjoyed with Nancy's article, but there were some tears shed when reading it. She told about how Michael's Dad helped to build it, etc. What the reader didn't know, was that he passed away on Saturday before the shoot on Monday. He was so excited about the shoot, that Michael's siblings along with the rest of the family, decided to go along with it. It was so brave of them to do it with broken hearts. Now, as Paul Harvey would say, you know the rest of the story. I appreciate so much all the wonderful comments you have made on FB, forums etc, about their home. They are very hospitable and you are always welcome there.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and share it with someone you love. I think because life is short, you should enjoy it and only surround your self with people and things you love. I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: You know I told you no one uses my front door. Well I forgot to say this guy does.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Just Being and A Creek Side Walk

Good afternoon and it is a beautiful one here in East Tn. I have the coffee on, and its is just plain old DD today. It is very good and smelled wonderful when it was making. Grab a cup and lets sit out on the porch, okay? Today I have just been, "being." Do you ever just "be"? It has been wonderful, wearing pj's all day, drinking coffee and talking to the It has occurred to me, you have been all over my house, seen a lot of my collections, seen the front yard, but never have you seen, what I see Through My Back Door. So Dasko and I took a little walk and snapped a few pictures to share. I just wish you could have been here to walk with us. It is a pretty walk.
This is the tree by the side of the road and the little creek. Our leaves haven't turned a lot yet, so the color isn't going to be fabulous, but I think you will enjoy the walk.
This is the place the little creek flows under the bridge.
The bend from the little creek towards the big creek.
The path going along side the little creek toward the big creek. Many, many years ago it was an old wagon road connecting to the next valley over.
The bridge over the creek, below my house.
I call this the king  surveying his kingdom. I hope you enjoyed our creek walk. This is the back of the house in the field, looking at the house. This whole bank is covered with jonquils in the spring.
It has been so neat taking  you on this walk today. Dasko and I have enjoyed it so much and I hope you did.
Now for just a little more fall. I thought I would show you the fall in the You can never have too much fall can you?
On the red bench, Curtis built. I like this old cheese crock.
 This is above the red bench. Now I'll share my favorite touch of fall in the entire house. This is a corner that projects peace to me.
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: If you can, take the time to "Just Be." It does the body and soul good, and if it can be time with some body you love, it is even better.